Rogan’s List for April 20, 2023

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Debt ceiling standoff, Fox fees, price on carbon, and more.

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

  • DEBT CEILING STANDOFF CONTINUESEven though the debt ceiling was raised three times during the Trump administration, current Republican legislators do not want to do so during a Democratic administration.  The debt ceiling represents money already agreed upon to spend; it has nothing to do with current budget negotiations for spending going forward.  If the debt ceiling is not suspended or raised, it will result in much worse than the GOP thumbing its nose at Biden. Not only will the US economy tumble, but “Experts say a U.S. default could wreak havoc on global financial markets.” McCarthy is working on another debt ceiling plan with damaging stipulationsLet’s contact our federal legislators and tell them we want them to approve raising the debt ceiling with no strings attached just like what has been done in the past. 
  • SUPPORT NEW EPA RULE TO CURB TOXIC POLLUTION FROM CHEMICAL PLANTSThe Environmental Protection Administration has introduced a proposal to reduce toxic emissions from chemical plants. According to the EPA, this proposal would “dramatically reduce the number of people with elevated air toxics-related cancer risks in communities surrounding the plants that use those two chemicals, especially communities historically overburdened by air toxics pollution, and cut more than 6,000 tons of toxic air pollution a year.” The proposal will soon be published in the Federal Register and the public will then have 60 days to comment on it. Let’s make sure to check in the next week or two and search for Docket #EPA-HQ-OAR-2022-0730 in order to comment favorably on this important initiative. 

  • 2024 STARTS NOWThe Swing Blue Alliance hosts virtual “Frontline Updates” each Sunday to explore how progressives win elections. On Sunday, April 23, 2023, Frontline Updates will feature political strategist Simon Rosenberg, president of the NDN (New Democrat Network) and New Policy Institute. He’ll discuss how grassroots organizations helped stop a Red wave in 2022 midterms. There’ll be a Q&A. Let’s sign up.

  • PUT A PRICE ON CARBONPutting a price on carbon would have polluters pay whenever they use fossil fuels and damage our environment. It is ”critical to scaling up climate action.”  To become more aware of climate issues such as this, let’s join Citizens Climate Lobby and partake in their actions, including this one asking Congress to put a price on carbon this year.  

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