BADASS Briefing, April 16, 2023

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Dear Friends, 

Well, we’ve had a few things going on, wouldn’t you say!  Horror and inspiration in Tennessee. Tension and major upsets in the courts. Another session in Richmond. A new Virginia woman in Congress!  What do we have to get through all this – each other!  Bless the women of Virginia – and our fabulous allies here in Virginia and throughout the nation. Join us this week on the Friday Power Lunch, #DoubleDahliaDareYou! Start thinking about July and joining us at the Women’s Summit where we will magnify the power and make it happen in November and beyond.   



Virginia Beach School Board Postcard Campaign

Join this new, timely, and targeted postcard effort launched by local Black women in the Virginia Beach area to reach out to other Black women who might not be aware that MAGA Republican groups are masquerading as local concerned parents and bullying the Virginia Beach school board into eliminating the teaching of Black history.  The script for these cards asks people to attend a school board meeting, speak up about the issue, and tell a friend. Click here to view the instruction sheet for this postcard initiative.

The Union School Board Task Force is researching local school board battles (extremist, disruptive, anti-democracy actors) all across the country. The task force is a deliberative group and is nearing the decision stage of which of the many at-risk boards across the country to focus on in 2023. The short survey asks about areas – anywhere in the country – that are facing anti-public-education, anti-democracy forces. The survey was sent to all 63,000 Union volunteers in all 50 states and to 75+ Union partners. For the chosen battles, where grassroots organizations already exist, e.g., Northern VA, The Union will support them.  Where grassroots organizations don’t already exist, The Union will help develop them.

Action: Please complete Information Gathering Form – School Boards. Right now TX and FL have more responses.  Questions: contact Wendy Jones,

Stop pollution from 4000 data center diesel backup generators!
The VA Department of Environmental Quality, DEQ, is holding a public hearing to allow Loudoun data centers to operate on dirty diesel backup generators April 22, 2023 – July 31, 2023.

The negative impacts of diesel exhaust and emissions on human health, the local environment, and climate change are well documented. It is critical that Loudoun residents show up to demonstrate opposition. Otherwise, the DEQ will think that we don’t care about our family’s health, diesel trucks on our roads at all hours, or making climate change worse. Don’t allow DEQ to issue a permit harmful to Loudoun.

Actions: Submit Letter (accepted till April 21st; form letter can be personalized), DEQ Comment PortalPEC Web Map – Data Center, Diesel Generators, and Air Quality
Presentation from Loudoun Community Meeting: Data Centers and Diesel Generators

Charlottesville NOW Board election will take place on May 24 

Applications are due April 26 (but nominations accepted from floor on May 24)

Charlottesville NOW membership area includes Charlottesville plus Albemarle, Augusta, Buckingham, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Madison, Nelson, Orange and Rockingham Counties.

Board Application

For more information Charlottesville NOW 

Sunday, April 16th, 4:00pm – Community Organizing Working Group Meeting

Sunday, April 16th, 5:00pm Is America Racist? A Discussion

Author, Attorney, and Founder of the Truth and Democracy Coalition, Rich Procida will discuss this question with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) specialist, Sandhya Jha. Ms. Jha is an anti-oppression consultant who helps organizations get DEI teams off the ground.

Sunday, April 16th, 7:00pm – 8:00pm – Our Dem Grassroots is Powerful—Now, Let’s Be Proud and Get Loud!

Hear from Simon Rosenberg, one of the only people to correctly predict a competitive election in 2022, about the power of the Dem grassroots. Simon will explain why we need to BOTH continue our game-changing electoral work AND become loud and effective at sharing how things always get better with Dems. And be sure to check out Simon on the new substack he has launched, Hopium Chronicles. He’s built it in part to be better able to communicate with all of us.

Tuesday, April 18 (and weekly) at 6 pmMoneyOut Weekly Meeting

Tuesday, April 18, 5:00 pmVirginia Redress Network’s Monthly Meeting

Learn what progress Virginians are making on restitution and the many issues relating to racial and social justice.

Apr 26, 2023 12:00 PM The Fight Against MAGA Media: Mobilizing the Grassroots DescriptionA dynamic conversation featuring thought leaders Dan Pfeiffer and Tara McGowan. Co-sponsored by over two dozen grassroots organizations and Democratic Party clubs.

Wednesday, April 26, 7:00pm- 7:30PM

FCPS School Board 2023: Elections, Endorsements & Voting, Oh My!

With all 12 seats of the FCPS school board on the ballet this November, the road to the dais is already well underway. This new webinar from the nonprofit organization 4 Public Education will break down everything you need to know including:

  • How is the position is non-partisan
  • What does a party endorsement mean
  • The endorsement process & timeline
  • How to learn more about candidates

This quick presentation will empower you to be engaged in this important election season. We hope to see you there!


Saturday, April 29, 7pm

“Laugh Out The Vote” to Support Karl Frisch for School Board

Join an evening of stand-up comedy with one of America’s premier political comedians: JOHN FUGELSANG! 

Be a BADASS, Check Your Power Map Status HERE &

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