Rogan’s List March 22, 2023

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March 22, 2023

UN climate report, asylum transit ban, Wisconsin Supreme Court, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

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  • UN CLIMATE REPORT DOES NOT BODE WELLThe U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just released a synthesis of the main findings of its earlier reports—and the news is startlingly bad.     According to The Guardian, “There is no new science in the synthesis report . . . [rather, it includes previous] warnings that the world [is] approaching “irreversible” levels of global heating, with catastrophic impacts rapidly becoming inevitable; and that it [is] “now or never” to take drastic action to avoid disaster.” To stay under the 1.5 C marker, we would need to cut emissions in half by 2030—an assertion made with “very high certainty” by the IPCC.  Let’s make sure that President Biden and our senators and representatives understand that we think this is significant and needs to be addressed as soon as possible – perhaps we should mail or email it to them.  
  • UNREPRESENTATIVE 1818 current Republican House members won their races despite being in Democratically-leaning districts won by Biden.  Even though some ran as moderates, these congress members still all vote along party lines. In an attempt to win back the House,  Indivisible is targeting those seats in 2024.  Let’s check it out and see how we can help.

  • STILL GOING… POSTCARDS TO VOTERS FOR THE WISCONSIN SUPREME COURT RACEWith the April 4th Wisconsin election for a Supreme Court seat ahead soon, Postcards To Voters is still writing for Judge Janet Protasiewicz. Let’s be a part of the final push in this very important election. If we are already approved with PTV, we can text, email, or Slack message to get addresses. If we are new to PTV, we can start the simple approval process to get going here.

  • SPEAK OUT AGAINST DISAPPEARANCE OF IRANIAN TEENAGE GIRLSFive Iranian teenagers made a video of themselves dancing without hijab on Tik Tok in protest against the government’s strict dress code. The video went viral, the girls were arrested, they were forced to make a public apology, and now they have gone missing. This story is prominent on Twitter, but there is little coverage in the U.S. media. Let’s reach out to our media contacts and ask them to cover the story and/or write a letter to the editor about how this is another example of oppression against women in the extreme that is being ignored. If we are on Twitter, we can also amplify the story on Twitter by including the hashtag #Ekbatangirls in our tweets.

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