Conversations: Wasteful and Destructive Climate-Saving Practices

My Guests Will Tell Us What We Need To Do To Save the Planet Without Living Like Monks

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We know we need climate action, and we need it fast. But WHICH actions will be effective? New systems and new ways of thinking are needed in so many domains and with our help, they will happen.

My guests on Conversations will be my sons Steve and Mike Newman, both of whom are considered experts in evaluating what practices can and can not help mitigate climate change.

Mike is the CEO of Returnity and considered one of the leading experts in the transformation of logistics platforms from single-use packaging to reusables, combating the mountains of corrugated cardboard entering our waste stream. He has shared his expertise on The Today Show, The New York Times, NPR, and elsewhere

Steve is a policy advisor to the Chair of the DNC Council on the Environment and Climate Crisis and the author of the highly regarded blog Climateer, where he has shared his analysis on topics such as: 

Climate Change is 87% Business

The real climate action takes place in the business world. It’s critical that we find ways to change the behavior of businesses, not just individuals.

  • If Carbon Offsets are the Answer, What is the Question?
  • Everything You Need To Know About Climate Science In Seven Words.
  • Zero emissions. Pretty darn soon. Methane first.
  • It’s Time To Fight For The Right To Build.
  • Red Tape Is No Longer Green.

Join us on Sunday, March 12 at 7:30 pm ET for Conversations! 

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