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Please take these CTA’s this morning.

CALLS TO ACTION – Encourage our legislators to provide sufficient K-12 funding for Virginia’s public schools

The Governor and the House and Senate committees provided their proposed state budgets, which are radically different, and conferees from each chamber and party are in conference attempting to finalize the budget.  Education issues are a major area of disagreement.

The Governor has demanded tax cuts, which has resulted in unacceptable funding proposed for K-12 education. Compared to both the Governor’s and House budget plans, the Senate budget proposes more than twice the funds for public schools and provides no additional money to Lab Schools.  That is reasonable because only a small portion of what was allocated for lab schools last year has been spent.

Please take a minute to answer three calls to action to encourage our legislators to provide sufficient K-12 funding for Virginia’s public schools.   

  • Take action here to tell your legislators that our children should be their priority. Ask them to fully fund the Standards of Quality to ensure a high quality of education.
  • Take action here to ensure we have meaningful investments in students’ education: increase support staff & infrastructure improvements.
  • Take action here to keep public school funds in public schools.  
  • Questions: Contact Marianne Burke,

URGENT Call to ACTION!!! Call the numbers below and leave a message NOW to table HB 2333, then send an email. 

Contact info and text below. HB 2333 is a toxic scam that will burden captured consumers with astronomical electricity bills while creating toxic waste for future generations!

Contact: Del. Kilgore  (804) 698-1001, Del. Byron  (804) 698-1022, Del. Scott  (804) 698-1080, Sen. Surovell (804) 698-7536, Sen. Mason (804) 698-7501, Sen. Newman (804) 698-7523


Subject: Table HB 2333 – Text for email and phone calls:

“Dear Legislator,

Please table HB 2333. There is not enough time at the end of this session to address the valid concerns about implementing a pilot for a small nuclear reactor (SNR) program in Virginia. Rate payers’ interests must be protected from the outrageous cost of a SNR which is projected to be around $9 billion for a 300MW reactor, making it the most expensive form of energy. Plus SNR’s produce high levels of nuclear waste that will be a burden for future generations. This can’t be justified when solar, wind and geothermal sustainable energy are cheaper and cleaner. Sincerely,”

Sign Petition: Teach Truth in Virginia’s Public Schools

The Virginia Board of Education (BOE) is revising the History and Social Studies Standards of Learning (SOL) and is trying to whitewash what our children are learning. Please consider signing this petition to insist that they use the first proposed revision for the SOL that was prepared by experts, instead of the flawed version produced by politicians and political operatives. Sign Petition Here

Thx all,


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