Let’s Talk Politics Hawaii Legis Gun Safety Briefing

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Presenters include:
Barbara Shimei, Indivisible Hawaii Legislative Chair

Deborah Nedmad, President, Brady Hawaii

6:30pm – 7:30pm
Thursday, February 2nd

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Indivisible Hawaii wants legislation declaring all of Hawaii to be a “sensitive place” by formally establishing it as a “Safe Place State”. This would not be the first time for this to happen. It follows the example of Wyatt Earp who, when he was marshall of Tombstone, he told everyone the law was to “leave all guns at the edge of town”. It worked for him and it can work for Hawaii, too. 

Months ago the US Supreme Court okayed open carry except in “sensitive places”.  As you are reading this, Hawaii’s legislature is deciding what to do.  If we don’t act now, we could soon see open carry guns in our grocery stores and on our sidewalks. 

“Let’s Talk Politics will host special guests Barbara Shimei of Indivisible Hawaii and Brady Hawaii’s Deborah Nehmad who will fill you in and help you make your voice heard.  There is still time for the Legislature to pass a bill that passes muster with the Supreme Court while it preserves the gun-free quality of life in Hawaii. The issue is complicated and solutions are hard to see. 

What do you think is reasonable? If you want to learn more and hear what others are thinking, please join our Zoom call. 

Barbara Shimei will update you on the issue, the players, the bills and other details inside the halls of Hawaii’s leadership. She will also show you how to write testimony so your thinking will go into the formal record where it will be read by decision makers.   Our gun safety advocates in the Legislature really need to hear  from you!

Deborah Nehmad will tell us what gun safety looks like at the national level and recommend actions for Hawaii. You  will also learn what  gun safety looks like at the national level and discuss other gun related bills that might  be considered in  Hawaii.

Join us for Indivisible Hawaii’s first session of “Let’s Talk Politics” since the midterms. Listen, decide and then write testimony giving your views.

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Indivisible Hawaii brings the fight to save our democracy to nearly 400 of our friends and neighbors on Oahu plus members through the Indivisible Hawaii Statewide Network chapters on Kauai, Maui County and Hawaii Island.

Indivisible Hawaii is a pro-democracy citizen activist group whose mission is to protect and enhance the institutions of democracy in our Country and our State. We seek to resist Trumpism by engaging our elected officials at all levels of government and promote progressive and democratic values.

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