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PEG 6th Congressional District Newsletter 301

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The 118th Congress of the United States of America, including 74 newcomers. Photo taken at the Capitol in Washington, Courtesy of Patrick Semansky/AP

What happened to Congressional District 12??

The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission finalized district maps in December 2021.

  • The new MI-6: The new MI-6 is an Ann Arbor-centered district, grouped with communities in western Wayne county like Novi, Northville and Plymouth. Dearborn and Ann Arbor were previously located in the same district, a significant change with the new maps. U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell (D), who previously represented both Ann Arbor and Dearborn in the old MI-12, now represents MI-6.
  • The new MI-12: In what is one of the safest Democratic districts, parts of Detroit are combined with neighboring communities like Dearborn to form Michigan’s new twelfth district. U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D) who previously represented old MI-13, now represents the new MI-12.

The new districts were in place for the 2022 midterms. A short description of each of the districts can be found here (Michigan Radio).

An event you don’t want to miss

Conversations with Deepak Piru this Sunday at 7:30 pm

In addition to being a fascinating man with an interesting life story that we will explore, he regularly produces case studies on how individuals organizations and campaigns can benefit by using free and low cost tools. Here are some of his recent case studies and blogs.

Register here for this free Zoom show!

Visit the PEG Events Page for all upcoming events at www.equalityingov.org/events!

Things to do

State Elections and Supreme Court Justices are Critical for Democracy

On April 4, 2023 Wisconsin voters will have the opportunity for the Democrats to obtain the majority on the Wisconsin state Supreme Court. Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair, Ben Wikler, says that the Wisconsin Supreme Court race is the most high profile election in spring 2023.

The current Republican court has overturned Gov. Evers’ COVID-19 stay-at-home public safety measure, allowed former Gov. Walkers’ appointees to remain in their seats past the expiration of their terms, blocked Evers’ appointments, and banned voting drop boxes, as well as other methods that make voting more accessible. At stake in Wisconsin are abortion access, marriage equality and maintaining ridiculously drawn electoral maps.

According to Wikler, “[T]he race will determine if a majority vote can elect a majority Legislature for decades to come. The Supreme Court race is electoral ground zero.”

Why should we care about Wisconsin’s Supreme Court race? 

The importance of state elections has been reinforced during the last election.  Let’s help our neighbors elect a reasonable Supreme Court.  Mobilize has a site for training and sign up for phone calls to inform Wisconsin voters of the necessity to vote. Here’s the link to sign up.

Sign the Petition TODAY! We only 243 more signatures to protect Ottawa County

ACTION ITEM:  Sign the petition to Elizabeth Hertel, Director of MDHHS, to state your opposition to the appointment of Nate Kelly as Administrative Health Officer of the Ottawa County Department of Public Health. He advocates against widely accepted and scientifically sound COVID-19 mitigations and medical practices. For more info and to sign the petition, click here.

Things to read, watch, and listen to

Does America have too much debt?

America has had debt since its founding! The government borrowed over $75 million during the American Revolution. Note: For those interested in an excellent explanation of the national debt, click here.

In his recent article in the New York Times, Paul Krugman asks the question, “Does America have too much debt?” He notes that there have been two major increases in the debt since the budget surplus of 2001. One was during the Great Recession (2007-2010), and the other was during Covid. In each situation, the spending packages that were passed by Congress were justified by the economic events; Krugman states that avoiding borrowing related to funding the Obama Recovery Act of 2009 and the American Rescue Plan of 2021 would have done more harm than good. While fiscal austerity during those times would have indeed created less debt, the costs would have been high. In 2009, the deficit surge helped prop up the economy and avoid a depression. During Covid, the spending of trillions in aid to families, businesses, the unemployed and state and local governments resulted in a fast economic recovery, albeit with inflation which seems to be easing.

He further writes, “Did we borrow too much money? Probably not. During those two economic crises of Covid and the Great Recession, adding to the debt was more than justified. I just wish some of the other borrowing had been used for better purposes: ending child poverty rather than giving tax breaks to corporations, rebuilding infrastructure rather than invading Iraq. But while our priorities were sometimes foolish, our borrowing wasn’t.”

Check out the Increase in the Debt Ceiling/Federal Debt since 1980!

Recent increases during the last administration are particularly notable.

Graph Source: Office of Management and Budget; Treasury DepartmentWashington Post

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