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After their clown show of 15 attempts, Republicans have finally managed to elect a Speaker of the House of Representatives. To the embarrassment of the country, the MAGA wing has taken control of the Republican party and the level of dysfunction on display is a sign of how they will work in this session of Congress.

Extremists on the right have extracted a promise from McCarthy to try to shut down the economy and prevent the U.S. from paying its bills on time when the debt ceiling limit comes up, and to try to gut Social Security and Medicare. The new phase of our effort to defeat MAGA and Trumpism will involve limiting the damage the MAGA House does, and making sure voters know about MAGA extremism.

Indivisible National has updated their strategy, with a new “Practical Guide to Defeating MAGA”- you can download and review it here:

And Thursday Jan. 12th at 5pm PST please join the Indivisible National Deep Dive into the Guide on Zoom. Register here:

New Indivisible Guide!

Download and read: “A Practical Guide to Defeating MAGA”

Thursday Jan. 12th at 5pm PST on Zoom: RSVP for a deep dive into the Guide to Defeating MAGA:

“At Indivisible, a new Congress means it’s time for a new Indivisible Guide. Join us for the formal launch of Indivisible: A Practical Guide to Defeating MAGA, where we’ll break down just exactly how to activate on our new strategy in 2023, whether you live in a community that’s red, blue, or something in between.”

Register here:

Contact info for this session’s members of Congress:

California’s 2 Senators:

A lot of Indivisible Yolo members have a new representative! You can find out whether your representative is Rep. Mike Thompson or Rep. Doris Matsui here.

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