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Help Solidify The Court NY Deserves

Today we need you to please take a few minutes to make an urgent call or send an email to Governor Hochul. Between Dec 8th and 23rd, the governor must nominate a replacement for Chief Judge DeFiore. This is a 14-year position! The outgoing chief voted in a 4-3 conservative bloc that undermined the elected legislature’s agenda (see article HERE).

Remember how much we despised redistricting? Her 4-3 majority made that happen. Based on an in-depth assessment by the legal experts at “The Court New York Deserves,” her current list of choices contains three candidates who would perpetuate a conservative 4-3 court majority, and three very acceptable names. Please take two minutes to place this simple call or use this form to send an email.  If you want more background, see the link HERE.  You can find more information about the acceptable three candidates below the script.

Call: 518-474-8390 press 3; 2 for an agent or 1 to leave a message. Or send an email via this link.


My nameis[your name].I’m a constituent from [your city/town] and I’mvery concerned about your pending Chief Judge nominee for the NY State Court of Appeals. This is an opportunity to nominate a Judge who will defend the rights of all New Yorkers, including the most vulnerable. The wrong choice could perpetuate a court that subverts the democratically elected legislature. Of those on your short list, Judge Cannataro and Justices LaSalle and Oing are unacceptable due to their voting records. Fortunately, the list includes three well-respected and able candidates. Please consider nominating Corey Stoughton, Judge Richardson-Mendelson, and Abbe R. Gluck. Any of these three would serve our diverse state well. Thank you for your time.

  • Abbe Gluck is a renowned law professor, litigator, and public servant and is widely recognized as a leading voice on health law, federalism, and state courts. She was the lead attorney on the Biden administration’s COVID-19 Response Team and is currently a professor at Yale Law School and Yale Medical School.
  • Edwina Richardson-Mendelson has spent more than 20 years as a judge and administrator and has deep experience navigating the challenges of New York’s court system. She is the Deputy Chief Administrative Judge for Justice Initiatives, Judge of the Court of Claims, and Acting Justice of the New York Supreme Court.
  • Corey Stoughton has dedicated her entire career to civil and human rights. She has advocated for marginalized communities in her time with the Legal Aid Society, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, and the New York Civil Liberties Union.

End of the Year Town Hall with Mondaire Jones

Register today for a term-in-review town hall with Rep. Jones hosted by Westchester activists on Tuesday, December 13th @ 7PM. What legislation did Congress pass this past year, what work is left unfinished, and what challenges lie ahead as we face a Republican lead House next year? You won’t want to miss this important discussion.

  • Click here to register for the event on Tues., Dec. 13th @ 7PM.

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