Please reach out to our Members of Congress – Critical messages for lame-duck session

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Reach out to our
Members of Congress to request they

Pass this
crucial legislation during
the lame-duck session

First of all, thanks to all of you who have been working on our Blue Wave projects or helped with donations.  Our work is not over!  

With the likely control of the House going to the Republicans and the implied chaos it will bring, Indivisible Hawaii believes it is imperative that Congress takes action during the lame-duck session. 

Please call our Members of Congress and ask them to
take action to ensure that these bills pass –
no matter what it takes –  before December 31, 2022.
See contact info at bottom of this email.

Here’s some reference information for your calls. 

Thanks to Indivisible Hawaii members, Jay Henderson and Lisa Gibson, for writing this super op-ed. It was posted in the Star-Advertiser on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022. 
Click here for their op-ed, “Lame-duck Congress can make waves”

Here’s a summarized list of items we want passed in the lame duck session.

  1. Defuse a potential Republican induced debt-ceiling crisis by raising the debt limit beyond what is necessary for foreseeable future.
  2. Pass revisions to the Electoral Count Act to reduce the risk of a stolen election in 2024.
  3. Prevent more immigration chaos by protecting DACA recipients and ensuring adequate funding for the asylum system.
  4. Prevent defunding of Ukraine aid by pro-Putin Republicans with a long term aid appropriation for Ukraine.
  5. Protect the investigations into Trump, prevent Republicans from defunding the FBI and Department of Justice by securing long-term funding for the DOJ.
  6. Pass the government funding package.
  7. Continue to confirm judges.
  8. Pass the  Marriage  Equality Act

Senator Mazie Hirono                    Senator Brian Schatz Website  Website
      DC Office (202) 224-6361                       DC Office (202) 224-3934
      Hawaii Office (808) 522-8970                   HI Office (808) 523-2061 

Congressman Ed Case                  Congressman Kai Kahele

  Website   Website
      DC Office (202) 225-2726                       DC Office (202) 225-4906
      Hawaii Office (808) 650-6688                   Hilo Office – Not available

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  2. Click here to access Washington Post article: “Five Ways to Crazy Proof Congress from Republican Chaos”


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