Okaloosa Democrats October 2022 Newsletter

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Moving Forward, Together

Democratic Candidates for

State and Local Elections

We are coming down to the wire! In the September newsletter, we provided an overview of the candidates for Federal and top State offices. In this newsletter we give you the remaining State and Local candidates, as well as links to their websites, their volunteer opportunities and their donation pages. Please give them as much support as you can, and be sure to vote! Early voting has begun, and Vote-by-Mail ballots have been sent.

As Florida’s first Black State Attorney and a fierce death penalty opponent, Aramis Ayala has made local and national headlines for her courage and proven leadership. Having witnessed the consequences of structural inequality during more than a decade of public service, she refuses to stay silent in the face of inhumanity, injustice, and systemic racism.

Prior to running for office, she served as a homicide and major crimes Assistant State Attorney and as an Assistant Public Defender. She has also held positions as an adjunct professor of Law at Florida A&M University School of Law and as chairperson of the Citizens Police Review Board for the City of Orlando.

Aramis has dedicated her life to pursuing justice and is ready to take action.

Excerpted from Aramis Ayala’s campaign website

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Adam Hattersley is a Navy veteran focused on improving the lives of those in his community through public service. Adam spent eight years as a nuclear submarine officer and was awarded the Bronze Star for his service. In 2018, after more than a decade as a registered independent, Adam sought and won a seat in the Florida Legislature as a Democrat, serving in the Florida House of Representatives. He worked to lower health care costs, honor the service that veterans have made to our country and protect public education. Adam has spent his life serving with honor and integrity, and always puts country before party. He believes our leaders in public office should be held to that same standard. Excerpted from Adam Hattersley’s campaign website
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As the granddaughter of farmers, a community advocate, a local business owner, and a mother, Naomi Esther Blemur believes we need a strong leader in Tallahassee who will advocate for small farmers, clean water, renewable and sustainable energy, and a better environment for our families and children.

Naomi worked for several Fortune 500 companies in retail and commercial banking. In 2008, she moved on to establish a non-profit focused on women’s issues and at-risk girls aging out of the foster care system. Among other organizations, she currently serves on the North Miami Planning Commission, as Vice Chair of the North Miami Commission on Women, and on the North Miami CRA Advisory Committee.

Naomi is running because Florida needs a strong, diverse leader with convictions, who is not afraid to challenge the process and speak truth to power.

Excerpted from Naomi Blemur’s campaign website

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Charlie Nichols believes he has a responsibility to advocate for human rights, justice, equality and the socioeconomic well-being of his fellow neighbors. He is committed to protecting voting rights, decreasing the daily cost of living for working Floridians, protecting and defending reproductive rights, and advocating for our Florida Seniors’ Social Security. Charlie served his country honorably, retiring from the Army with an honorable discharge. He is married and has six children. He has been involved in more than a dozen community organizations, including the Health and Human Services Board of Escambia County and the Escambia County Board of Directors of the Children Services Center. He is presently Chair of the Senior Advisory Council with the Council on Aging, and a Member of the Council on Aging’s Board of Directors. Charlie is an advocate for his community, and bringing about change is his passion. 

Excerpted from Charlie Nichols’ campaign website

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Carolynn Zonia worked for decades as an emergency physician in Chicago before deciding to relocate to Walton County. It didn’t take long after moving here before she noticed that our beautiful environment is not being protected, observing clear cutting of lots without a work order, and contaminated runoff flowing into watersheds, among other issues.

She ran for County Commissioner in Walton County to tackle these problems, but she feels she can make a bigger impact in state office. She wants to renew investment in families, believing that a thriving economy will follow. Democracy depends on free and fair elections, and she will fight to ensure that every qualified Florida citizen is able to participate without unfair roadblocks.

Carolynn credits her parents with teaching her responsibility, the value of hard work, generosity, courage, and to always keep promises and follow her heart. She will bring those values to caring for and serving her community.

Excerpted from Carolynn Zonia’s campaign website

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For additional ballot recommendations on Judges and Amendments:

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