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I’m ready to take action!

If the “Trump Party” Wins this Midterm

“It’s no longer the Republican Party, it’s the Trump Party,” said Eric Trump. Finally, a Trump telling the truth. So, what will happen if the Trump Party wins? Here’s a summary from Kate Riga’s recent article, What Republicans Will Do If They Win The House, In Their Own Words.

Lots and lots of investigations – They say they’ll investigate Hunter Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s immigration policies, the pullout from Afghanistan, the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, the causes of inflation, the Jan. 6 committee and baseless claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election. 

Slashing Social Security & Medicare – They plan to demand cuts to Medicare and Social Security. The Republican Study Committee budget this summer called for raising the age of eligibility for both Medicare and Social Security and suggested reducing payroll taxes that fund Social Security, instead redirecting them to private alternatives. 

Continue their culture war – Republicans decried “woke politics” in the military and lament about “discrimination” towards people who oppose same-sex marriage.

And if voters keep the Dem majority in the House?

Codify Reproductive Rights – President Joe Biden said he will push to codify Roe v. Wade and secure the right to an abortion if Democrats retain control of Congress in the midterm elections.

End the filibuster to enshrine same-sex marriage – Pelosi has gone on record to say the legislative filibuster should be abolished so Democrats can more easily enshrine same-sex “marriage” in federal law.

Other priorities – Further improving the economy, climate change action, fair immigration policy, sensible gun control and embedding racial justice across Federal agencies, policies, and programs plus advancing a comprehensive equity agenda to deliver criminal justice reform, end disparities in healthcare access and education, and strengthen fair housing.

The choice is OURS and the choice is CLEAR

Check out (and share) miVoter.org 

Go to mivoter.org and enter your name, birth year/month and zip code. The Democratic Party’s recommendations for your specific ballot will pop up. You can then use the list to fill out your ballot or click on the links to get more in-depth info on the candidates, judicial races, and proposals.

Check out this quick video by Amir for America!

2022 Online Democratic Voter Guide


RSVP for Reception with Reps Debbie Dingell and Jamie Raskin


Rally for Governor Whitmer, Lt. Governor Gilchrist!

Friday, Nov. 4th 5-6:45 PM. 
University of Michigan
Address provided upon RSVP
RSVP here: ONECampaign for Michigan (mobilize.us)

Fundraiser for Sue Shink w/ Sen. Mallory McMorrow
Tuesday, Oct. 25th 5:30-7pm  
Please register here
Address provided upon RSVP

Join State Senate Candidate Sue Shink in welcoming Senator Mallory McMorrow as we work together to flip the Michigan State Senate after 40 years of Republican control! Meet Mallory, a Crain’s Detroit Business’s 40 Under 40, and hear about her response to the slanderous GOP fundraising appeal that went viral and earned her a call from President Biden.

Election Challengers, Voter Hotline volunteers needed

Election challengers advocate for voters at the polls. Voter Protection Hotline volunteers work on election day from home fielding questions from polling places by phone and relaying them to the appropriate lawyers and experts as necessary.

For complete information on all volunteer positions and to sign up for the online training, learn more here.

See more at Mobilize or our calendar  

Event to share? Submit it!

Governor Whitmer’s been crushing it!

Here’s a few talking points for sharing…

● Brought Republicans and Democrats together to sign over 900 bipartisan bills – an amazing feat! 
● Largest investment in K-12 education in our state’s history WITHOUT raising taxes
● Turned a projected $3 billion deficit into a $7 billion surplus
● Cut taxes for small businesses and provided over $400 million to local businesses for job retention
● Put more than 170,000 Michiganders on a path to tuition free skills training and higher education
● Repaired over 13,000 lane miles & 900 bridges, while supporting over 80,000 good paying job
● Secured 30,000 new auto jobs
● Lowered the cost of prescription drugs
● Cut the cost of child care for 150,000 kids across the state.
● Supported law enforcement with increased resources to hire more police and strengthen training

Canvassing this weekend

Canvassing scheduled over the next week for Prop 3 and local Dems at UM, Eastern, Dexter, Ypsilanti, Milan and more! 

Pick a candidate, a proposal, or a cause.

From the statehouse to the school board, every race is going to matter. Making change starts with winning elections.

Let’s #FlipLansingBlue, together!

Show out for Democrats!

Get signs & more at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market 

Saturday mornings. Whitmer Gilchrist Nessel Benson: suggested $10 donation Black Lives Matter: $5Whitmer Gilchrist on white: only $5 Or on the eastside!

At the WCDP Ypsilanti office sidewalk sale! Check (preferred) or cash only. Call to check stock: 734-879-0556. Open Wed and Fri 4-6pm & Sat and Sun 1-3pm

Or on the westside!

At the Savage home 2367 Baker Road, Dexter, MI. Self-serve kiosk to right of garage. Put your check to “WCDP” (preferred) or cash in box & please fill out FEC form. Also, watch out for driveway cats! 


The Final Word

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