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Election Edition
Oct 13, 2022

Our Last Rally for the 2022 Election

Voting started yesterday. It ends 26 days from today. 

Today, the January 6 Committee resumes its hearings in D.C.  Here in Arizona, we are fighting a full slate of election deniers.  

Good news: Many infrequent voters came out to vote in the August Democratic Primary. Exit polls showed that one of their top three issues was “saving democracy.”  (The other 2 were abortion and climate change.) 

Friday evening at 5-6 pm we will gather at the corner of Humphreys and Santa Fe (City Hall property) to rally in support of justice for the perpetrators of January 6, all the way up to Trump. We are one of 75 rallies that will take place around the country between tomorrow and October 23. Locally, our rally is jointly sponsored by Indivisible Northern Arizona and your Coconino County Democratic Party.

  • We have signs for you so just bring yourselves!
  • Featured speakers: Chris Verrill, Independent running against two election-deniers for LD7 House (as a write-in candidate) and a representative from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which is working to hold the House so the work of the January 6 Special Committee can continue.

Do You Believe in Science?

Democrats believe in science and that’s why we door-knock. We know from numerous studies that personal, face-to-face conversations — even very short ones with strangers! — garners more votes for our candidates than ANYTHING else. Your volunteer time as a canvasser, even just 2 hours a week, is more valuable than a week of TV ads. (So why do the TV networks get the big bucks? We’ll have to answer that later.)

Sign up here for Flagstaff canvasses — this weekend through November 4.

Sign up here for Sedona canvasses this weekend.

Sign up here for the Final Four days – November 5-8

Vote Now!

One of the conspiracy theories is that votes counted after Election Night are fraudulent. So, this year, please don’t wait to vote. If you don’t get your ballot by mail, you can now go to any early voting location in the county and cast your ballot. 

Locations and Times for Early Voting

If you do get your ballot by mail, as most of our voters do, please vote and mail it now. Or, use a dropbox. This helps our county elections workers who are working long hours to match each signature on these ballots to the signature on file with your voter registration. And, voting now eliminates hours or days of post-Election Day vote counting because the tabulators won’t be waiting for signature verification for the mail ballots dropped off late.

Drop Box Locations

Ballots were mailed Wednesday. If you don’t have yours by next week, give the County Recorder a call. 928-679-7860


Share the importance of voting NOW with your family, friends, and neighbors. 

Speaking of sharing — if you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, we are there as @CoconinoDems.  Share our posts.

Know What’s on the Ballot

Get to know our candidates and theirs. We’ve got a side-by-side comparison of the candidates on our website. View it here.

Understand the Ballot Measures 

Use our Sample Ballot for Quick and Easy Reference. 

What Can You Say About the Economy?

A few ideas here: 

The Great Compression

Who Do Your Trust to Deal With Inflation

A Short Statement

Upcoming Events of Coconino County Democratic Party

Here’s How to Reach Your Executive Committee Members


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