Four States for Democracy

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October Beneficiaries

Rather than threatening election officials, [the right-wing] will be the election officials — the poll workers and county commissioners and secretaries of state responsible for overseeing the casting, counting, and certifying of votes….The task of safeguarding democracy does not end with one election. Mr. Trump and others looking to pervert the electoral process are full of intensity and are playing a long game. Only an equally strong and committed countervailing force will meet that challenge.
This Threat to Democracy Is Hiding in Plain Sight,
New York Times Editorial Board, September 23, 2022

Meet the challenge, contribute to four states that have proven vote-getter who needs our help to make it to the finish line, a youth-oriented organization that could actually stop a complete right-wing takeover of a state, an at-risk Democrat in an uncomfortably close struggle that could end with a Republican supermajority in control of the state legislature, and an embattled governor who is the only stop-gap to a legislature’s conservative agenda.


Wisconsin’s GOP continues its efforts to overturn the 2020 election, suppress the vote, and turn back the clock on abortion rights. And Gov Tony Evers’ veto is the only thing standing in their way. “I would’ve never guessed that my job as governor . . . was going to be mainly about making sure that our democracy is still intact in this state.”—Governor Tony Evers

North Carolina

Democrat Valerie Jordan must win one of 2022’s tightest NC State Senate elections. Republicans are extremely close to a supermajority that would override Gov Roy Cooper’s veto and put in place harmful, far-right policies. Holding onto this Democratic state legislative seat is absolutely essential, and support for Valerie Jordan will translate to support for candidates up and down the ballot, including the race for a U.S. Senate seat.


In 2020, Turn PA Blue volunteers made over 4 million calls, wrote over 1 million postcards, and donated over $800,000 to help elect Democrats up and down the ticket. At stake in PA in 2022: a U.S. Senate seat, the Governorship, and control of the statehouse.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s Young Democrats recruit, train, and elect the next generation of leaders. This powerhouse of young people is working to flip the state House back to Blue and stop the Free Staters and other GOP right-wing elements. Since 2018, they have helped more than 225 young candidates run for office; 156 of these young leaders went on to serve or are currently serving in elected positions across the state.


To learn more about Lean Left Vermont visit our website.

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Lean Left Vermont has raised more than $325,000 since 2017!

If you want to work on the election but your time is limited, and you’d like to work with a supportive group of people, join us at the PowerHour, being held every Sunday until election day from 3 to 5 PM.  This Sunday (September 4), we’ll be calling friendly Dems in NC and NH to sign them up to be poll observers and staff for hotlines. Easiest calls you’ll ever make and a good intro to the work we’ll be doing this Fall. Believe us, you’ll feel better all week! 

Sign up here and let us know you’re coming!

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Lean Left Vermont works to elect Democrats and Progressives in key states around the nation. We empower Vermonters to engage in strategic, targeted actions that will flip congressional and state-level seats from red to blue, or keep seats blue.

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