Fed up with billionaires not paying their fair share?

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Dear Friends,

Can you join us in Philadelphia on Wednesday afternoon to raise the call to “Tax the Ultra-Rich NOW”? Get details & RSVP here!

We’re co-hosting a Philly Wealth Tax People’s Hearing outside City Hall beginning at 1:00 on Wednesday, September 21st, and we’d love to have you join us for a short rally and an open-air “Tax the Ultra-Rich NOW Fest,” with a drum squad, a giant inflatable corporate “fat cat” named Mr. Rigs, cool swag, and an opportunity to record your video testimony in support of making billionaires pay their fair share!

PBPC recently released a report with national allies—Billionaires Buying Elections: How the Nation’s Wealthiest Translate Economic Power Into Political Clout—which details how the ultra-rich are using their under-taxed wealth to elect January 6th insurrectionists and other right-wing extremists. Pennsylvania’s richest billionaire, Wall Street trader Jeffrey Yass, is cited in the report for giving more than $28.5 million to far-right candidates running in 2022 primaries.

It’s time to make the ultra-rich pay an effective tax rate that’s at least equal to what working people pay on their wages, which is why we’re partnering with the Tax the Ultra-Rich Now! (TURN) national campaign. and our friends at the Tax the Rich PHL coalition to co-host Wednesday’s action.

Can you join us on Wednesday afternoon, on the south side of Philadelphia City Hall (Broad Street & South Penn Square) to call on our elected officials to Tax the Ultra-Rich NOW? Raise your voice, and spread the word!

In solidarity,

The PBPC team

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