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Here’s the scoop for the week so far, slowed down by just being too hot to type!

Sunday – 09/11/2022 – VENTURA – ”Bans Off Our Bodies Fundraiser for Abortion Access Front”  (11:00am PT) 436 S. Emma St, Ventura

“Omg, so excited to have two badass artists as additions to our event, @sue_franco_1904 and @narcilee Sue is a rad mixed media and tattoo artist, and Narci has mad sewing skillz!!! Come on out!

Don’t forget, Sept 11! Sweets by Anastasia Chavez and Desserts To Die For, Jams by LuluBelle Jam, Art by Mb Hanrahan, Ahzriel Addams, and Tanya Hager, jazz trio the Art Farmers, Beacon Coffee will be pouring cold brew, and the incredible organization Indivisible Ventura will have a table with tons of useful important information. Please come help us raise money to help women get the healthcare they need in states where it is now against at the law.”

Check out Deb’s “Desserts To Die For” here: – 09/13/2022 – ONLINE WEBINAR – ”BEYOND PLASTICS – Hold the Plastic, Please ” (4:00pm PT)

Calling all anti-plastic pollution advocates! Join us on September 13th at 7 PM ET for a free webinar to help learn how you can help restaurants and dry cleaners in your area ditch single-use plastic.

We’ll walk you through our two new guides (Hold The Plastic: A Restaurant’s Guide to Reducing Plastic and In The Bag: A Guide for Dry Cleaners to Move Beyond Plastic) and make sure you have all the information and materials you need to share them and do outreach to restaurant and dry cleaner owners in your community.

Please register now for this webinar on September 13, 2022 at 7:00 PM ET US.

This event is free and open to the public. We encourage you to invite others to join us on September 13th, too.Wednesday – 09/14/2022 – ONLINE – ” Indivisible Truth Brigade Action Summit with Special Guest Dan Pfeiffer” (3:30pm PT)

Register for our Fight Election Disinformation — Truth Brigade Action Virtual Summit: Featuring Dan Pfeiffer on Wednesday, September 14th at 6:30 ET/3:30 PT.

Disinformation poisons minds and prevents our society from moving forward to protect the people and the planet. Lies are spread to obtain unearned power — it’s as simple as that. Lies around voting and elections provide the path to that unearned power. Join us September 14th to learn which states, people, and campaigns are most vulnerable, and how we can and must disrupt voting-related disinformation. Leave this event inspired, clear-headed and focused on taking meaningful action. We’ll be joined by Dan Pfeiffer, co-host of Pod Save America and author of Battling the Big Lie: How Fox, Facebook and the MAGA Media are Destroying America. Register here:

Thursday – 09/15/2022 – ONLINE LETTER WRITING EVENT – ”Vote Forward – Write letters to voters with members of the Hamilton cast + special guestsi” (3:00pm – 4:00pm PT)
(Usually this post would be down in the PHONEBANK section, but it looks like it will be unusually fun!)

Join members of the cast of Hamilton, special guests, and volunteers from across the country for a Big Send letter writing party! We’re asking you to help us write handwritten letters encouraging people to vote in the 2022 midterms. You can write from the comfort of your couch with friends or solo! At this virtual event, you’ll learn about how Vote Forward letters have been proven to increase voter turnout, get tips and training on refining your message to voters, and have your letter writing questions answered by the Vote Forward team! All while hearing from the past and present cast of Hamilton, and some very special guests. 

Vote Forward’s The Big Send is our biggest electoral letter writing program of the year! Together, we’re sending 10 million handwritten letters encouraging people to vote in the 2022 midterms. You can write letters with a group of friends or on your own from the comfort of your couch! Plus, it’s one of the easiest ways to turn your anger, passion, and hope into real action. 

Vote Forward’s letter writing campaigns are designed to reach voters in the congressional districts and states where boosting turnout will have the biggest impact on election outcomes, with a particular focus on reaching historically underrepresented voters in Black, Asian, Latino, and Native American communities. 

We’re writing letters all year long, keeping them somewhere safe, and mailing them together on October 29, just before Election Day when they will make the biggest impact. 

RSVP today, and we’ll let you know how to join this event. Invite your friends and family, too and encourage them to become letter writers this year! 

Never written letters before? No problem! Visit and make an account, download twenty letters, and we’ll show you how to write and prepare them at our event!

Mobilize link: – 09/16/2022 – ONLINE – “River’s End: California’s Latest Water War – Panel Discussion” (7:00 pm – 9:00 pm PT)

Join us for a panel discussion about the documentary with:
Caty Wagner, MPA – Southern California Water Organizer, Sierra Club 
Jennifer Molidor, Ph.D. – Senior Food Campaigner, Center for Biological Diversity and
Lynn Rodriguez – Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County, Project Manager Integrated Regional Water Management Program

Topics to include:
• California’s Delta Tunnel Project
• Impacts of animal agriculture and industrial farming
• Local water concerns and projects
• What we can do

*“River’s End reveals California’s complex struggle over who gets fresh water, and how moneyed interests game the system. Constant battling over uncertain water supplies heralds an impending crisis – not just in California but around the world.” Join us to hear updates from expert panelists and find out what can be done.

Registrants will receive a link to view the award-winning *River’s End: California’s Latest Water War 

Please register for the forum in advance here:

Email Newsom about state taxes on student debt relief and vetoing a bill that hurts our solar industry.

Got a minute this weekend? Send Gov. Newsom a couple of emails! Action #1: Hey, did you know that CA is one of a handful of states that might tax those who receive student debt relief? Ask our governor to do what he can to fix this. Action #2: The CA legislative session closed on Aug. 31. Now we need to play mop-up and ask Newsom to veto solar-killing bill AB 2143. (Yep, one snuck through! Like Prop. 22’s stripping gig workers of benefits, this bill will hurt those it pretends to help.)

Dark-money oligarchs will “Uberize” all of us. Tell your legislators we will not cooperate.

Paid signature gatherers will soon be outside stores to fool us into putting a referendum on the ballot to reverse the win for fast-food workers that Newsom just signed into law.
But that’s not the end of corporate America’s war on employees… Action #1: We Californians were fooled into voting for Prop. 22. Don’t let this toxic anti-worker campaign go national. Educate your representatives and tell them we are watching – “NO” on H.R.8442 – Worker Flexibility and Choice Act. Action #2: Renew calls to your senators on the PRO Act and tell all your legislators we are tired of paying for corporations to abuse us. “YES” on the H.R. 8448 – No Tax Breaks for Union Busting Act.

UPDATE! Pride Weekend actions! Add your voice!

If you missed Diversity Collective’s amazing event in downtown Ventura – we can’t re-create that for you. But we can give you the same actions we handed out there, and ask that you add your voice, and the voices of your friends and relatives, to protect the rights and lives of our LGBTQIA+ community.

UPDATE! STATE ACTION #1: Tell your assemblymembers to pass SB-107 – Gender-Affirming Health Care to provide refuge for trans kids & their families from states that are criminalizing them & threatening to remove transgender children from their homes. UPDATE: IT PASSED THE LEGISTURE!

STATE ACTION #2: Thank Governor Newsom for his advocacy and urge him to SIGN SB 107 INTO LAW!

FEDERAL ACTION: Call your senators and make sure your friends and family call theirs to pass the Equality Act!

“Schedule F” stands for “Fascism,” “Flunkey” and “Fraud.
Reposting because every day, our tyrant-in-waiting makes comments that bring fascism to the fore…

There are good reasons the GOP doesn’t want to teach accurate American history and it’s not all about our brutal treatment of minority groups.

There is also a history of experiments in governance that ended in cesspools of incompetence and corruption, such as the “spoils” system, which Trump resurrected near the end of his term with his executive order “Schedule F.” He was hoping, when re-elected, that he could wreak vengeance on the civil servants who thwarted him and reward his favorite syncophants. Maybe even profit under the table.

Though that didn’t come to pass, the bones of the order are waiting to be resurrected – by Trump, the GOP, or the next tyrant America elects. Call your legislators to pass the “Preventing a Patronage System Act” now. A competent civil service shouldn’t be held hostage to the whims any president.

(There’s something happening almost every day as we get closer to November. We are only listing Sunday’s here or you’d be overwhelmed with choices. Check them out over your morning coffee at

Sunday– 09/11/2022 – ONLINE PHONE BANK – ”Flip NC Blue with your phone! Register Democrats – Save the World!” (10:00am – 12:00pm PT)

Join Field Team 6 in calling eligible voters (likely Dems) in North Carolina!

You’ll be reaching out to get people registered as Democrats, or signed up to vote from home (vote by mail) if they’re already registered.

Making sure people are registered to vote, and that they can vote safely from home, is a super-effective way to make a difference. 

But we need your help. Join us as we turn voices into votes! All training provided.

Mobilize link: – 09/11/2022 – ONLINE PHONE BANKS – ”CADEM and SwingLeft – Phone Banks for Christy Smith” (11:00am – 1:00pm PT)

Grassroots Dems HQ in partnership with Christy Smith for Congress and Indivisible South Peninsula

In 2020, we lost CA-27 (then CA-25) by just 333 votes. 2022 will be our year to flip this seat back to blue! Join us as we make phone calls in support of Christy Smith ahead of the June 7th primary!

Sunday – 09/11/2022 – ONLINE PHONE BANK – ”Mission for Arizona – North, West, & Central Phoenix Virtual Phonebank” (11:00am – 1:00pm, 2:00pm – 5:00 pm PT)

Join us in talking to voters across Arizona!

We need your help talking to voters about re-electing Mark Kelly and the importance of voting for Democrats at all levels of government ahead of this year’s Midterm Election.

Join us on zoom!

Mobilize link:
Sunday – 09/11/2022 – ONLINE Writing Party – ”Write  Letter for Beto:” (11:30am – 1:00pmPT)

Sign up here to join a Beto for Texas Letter Writing Party! 

Letter Writing parties are a great opportunity to meet other Beto for Texas volunteers and get trained on our letter writing process. After a brief training, we’ll all write letters together!

Mobilize link: – 09/11/2022 – ONLINE PHONE BANK – ” Bay Area Coalition Phonebanks – If it’s Sunday, we’re calling Californians!” (1:00pm – 3:00pm PT)

We need your help talking to voters about Democrats up and down the ticket. A phone bank is a great way to reach voters and talk about issues we all care about.

With the importance placed on the Midterm elections, we need to reach out and talk to voters about crucial swing district and state races up and down the ballot so that we maintain control of the House, expand Democratic control of the Senate, and flip state legislatures to preserve democracy. Virtual phone banks have become an essential part of campaigns. Whether you’re new to phonebanking or an expert, you have a place with our people-powered campaigns. The good news is, phone banking is easy to learn and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

On Sundays, calling California Congressional Districts! The road to the House leads through California!

RSVP today and invite a friend to join us!

Bring your laptop or tablet. If you have never phonebanked before, we will train you.

Mobilize link: – 09/11/2022 – ZOOM – “Phone Bank to Flip CA-27 (formerly CA-25) Blue” (2:00 pm – 4:00 pm PT)

Join Field Team 6 in calling eligible voters (likely Dems) in Californa’s 27th district! (Formerly CA-25!)

You’ll be targeting Mike Garcia, a traitorous Republican who voted to overturn the Biden election results. 

You’ll be reaching out to get people registered as Democrats, or signed up to vote from home (vote by mail) if they’re already registered.

Making sure people are registered to vote, and that they can vote safely from home, is a super-effective way to make a difference. In 2022, we can flip this seat back to a Democrat.

But we need your help. Join us as we turn voices into votes! All training provided!

Mobilize link: – 09/11/2022 – ONLINE PHONE BANK – “Grow the Democratic Majority, Phonebank, Sun. @2PM & Thurs @4PM PDT thru September, 2022” (2:00 pm – 4:00 pm PT)

The Arizona Primary comes up August 2. In July, we’ll be focusing on getting voters out for Mark Kelly and down ballot Dems and educate Arizonians to the fact that the Dems can take the Arizona House and Senate by electing just two more officials to each of the chambers. Firmly turning Arizona Blue goes a long way to saving our democracy. After August 2, we’ll focus on battleground states where there are U.S. Senate, House and Governorship elections in November, and get out the vote to keep the House and Senate, increase our majorities there, and capture governorships for the Democrats

We will continue with Sunday phonebanks, 2PM Pacific time, on zoom and add bi-weekly Thursday afternoon phonebanks (4 to 6PM) to use the DNC dialer (the best dialer yet!) in an effort to further the goals of recruiting volunteers, supporting candidates and identifying the voters we need in November. Join us on Zoom. The day before the phonebank, we will send you the zoom link. Look for it in your email. Join our community of phone bankers and let’s save Democracy.

Mobilize link: TO SHARE!
Swap Meet Justice and our amazing young volunteers made the news!

Read the rest of the article here!

Thanks, Diversity Collective, for hosting these clinics!

Thanks to our friends at VCPH, we will be having a MPX Vaccine clinic inside our Community Resource Center this Monday, Sept. 12. 

Please click the link to book your appointment time and fill out your questionnaire:

From our Simi Valley neighbors!

“We can (and will) fight lies with truth. We met our first goal for our first billboard, now we’re onto our second goal of $10k to plaster the Antelope Valley with truth and we’re not that far away. Below is a billboard we saw flat out lying about Christy Smith which is funny because Mike Garcia voted AGAINST LOWERING GAS PRICES AND LOWERING TAXES ON THE MIDDLE CLASS. We have all the receipts from his voting record which you can find right here So with that, we’re gonna fight back with our billboard in red below because that is actually the truth.”
You can make a contribution at

Share far and wide! Every kid should know about this.

Help Kids with School Supplies!
(Posted by the GOOD Club – Greater Oxnard Organization of Democrats) Despite Trump/Republicans asking to abolish Dept of Education, we actually believe in education. (What a concept! )
Join us in supporting the Westminster Free Clinic’s Backpack Project to prepare our Oxnard K-12 students for another successful year!
Scroll through to find out how you can send school supplies, backpacks, and monetary donations.

OXNARD RESIDENTS! The city wants your input! 

VOLUNTEER TO HELP ON PROP. 1 – Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment
What’s in the amendment? “The state shall not deny or interfere with an individual’s reproductive freedom in their most intimate decisions, which includes their fundamental right to choose to have an abortion and their fundamental right to choose or refuse contraceptives.” As of June 24, 2022, abortion was legal in California up to fetal viability and after viability if the procedure is necessary to protect the life or health of the mother.” 
– (,_Right_to_Reproductive_Freedom_Amendment)

More information: Planned Parenthood’s fact sheet (
Share this graphic everywhere! It takes you straight to the volunteer sign-in page! At the local level, our Planned Parenthood affiliate is planning canvassing, phonebanking, textbanking, and postcards campaigns, so there’s something for everyone.
For those who dislike QR codes, go here:

Sign up to volunteer today!

You Can Make a Difference! Do you want to help Democrats win in the 2022 elections?  You can write Get Out The Vote (GOTV) postcards to help get Democratic voters to the polls!  Studies have shown that receiving a colorful postcard with a short punchy message is the most effective way to persuade a voter to get to the polls.

One of Indivisible Ventura’s members is working with Postcards to Swing States (PSS) to coordinate GOTV postcarding focused on Senate races in swing states.  PSS identifies the campaigns, writes the message, and provides the voter names and addresses. She will provide the cards and, if needed, the stamps.

If you want to participate, please send an email to her at She will add you to her writer roster and email you a description of the campaigns she is currently running. You decide which campaigns you want to join and specify the number of cards you want.  If you live locally, you may collect your supplies from her address in Ventura.  She can also will snail mail your packet to you

Resist every damn day! – Debby Millais, Postcard Wrangler

Please DONATE to the cause! 
Indivisible Ventura is completely volunteer run and your donation will support the direct costs of organizing in Ventura — things like expenses for Swap Meet Justice, posters, art supplies, stamps, transportation, and more! Although we’ve defeated Trump and taken back the Senate, we have to act urgently to save our democracy and enact other desperately needed reforms. Getting it done depends on all of us. Let’s stand together, indivisible. Indivisible Ventura is one of 6,000 grassroots Indivisible groups across the country. Together, we will win. (

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