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The Midterm Election Kickoff was a great success!

Can you feel the cool breeze? That was the wonderful refrain and weather at our jam-packed celebration of the 19th amendment for women’s suffrage at our midterm election kickoff Sunday in Davis’ Central Park. Voting was the name of the game at the rally, and IY’s Rachel Beck reminded us of the subtle but growing voter turnout this summer responsible for the shift in political predictions, which are no longer looking so darn Red for election day, November 8 (only 69 more days!).

According to new voter registration data, since June 24 and the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, women have outpaced men registering to vote in battleground states with the numbers heavily in favor of Democrats.  

“We saw this in Kansas on August 2 as phenomenal organizing and very smart voter outreach messaging a pro-choice coalition resulted in massive voter turnout and a 59% rejection of an anti-abortion amendment,” Beck said.
Sister District Yolo’s (SDY) Kelly Wilkerson fortified that view when she detailed this summer’s hard work by SDY, IY and our committed partners Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte, League of Women Voters Davis area and Moms Demand Action.

Wilkerson noted that while other activists are tackling key states in the Midwest, South and East, “we’re carving out the work that only we can do, like canvassing, calling and writing postcards for key incumbent congressional candidates Josh Harder in Modesto and helping Assemblymember Rudy Salas in Bakersfield flip a congressional seat.”

“We’re done lamenting, we see that on social media every day,” Wilkerson said. “We’re the ones doing the work.”

Komal Hak, board member of the League of Women Voters Davis area and its director of communications, strategy and marketing, addressed abortion rights.

“California voters will see an abortion initiative on the November midterm ballot,” Hak said. “Now that Roe is no longer legal precedent, this ballot measure takes on even greater importance in the lives of pregnant Californians. This is our opportunity to show up and ensure reproductive rights are protected through law. Please join us and make your voice heard.”

Candelaria Vargas, director of public affairs for Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte told a personal story of being raised in the foster care system and the right to determine one’s body autonomy.

“They’re coming for birth control here in California,” Vargas said, detailing opposition to opening new Planned Parenthood clinics in anticipation of increased use by people unable to access healthcare in other states. “And what’s a rally without a chant – when I say abortion, you say ‘is healthcare,’” Vargas said.

“Abortion!” Vargas called.
“Is healthcare!” answered the more than 100 rally attendees.

Michelle Famula, Davis League of Women Voters board member and chair of its healthcare committee, told the crowd that the League works to ensure the right and power of every U.S. citizen to have their vote counted and their choices honored.

“League members join tonight to pledge our continued commitment to democracy through voter registration, issue awareness, and ballot return education,” Famula said. “Enduring civil rights protections require dedicated awareness, issue understanding, and action – not just the right to participate in voting but the commitment to do so, actively, knowledgeably, and effectively!”

Emily Ault, a volunteer and California state legislative co-lead of Moms Demand Action, said the grassroots volunteer network is part of Everytown for Gun Safety, the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country.
“We have 10 million members – yes, we are bigger than the NRA and we’re a non-partisan organization working to elect gun sense candidates,” Ault said. We need your help to find these great candidates. We know how important down-ballot elections are – they often drive people to the polls.”

Rally attendees were also reminded that with a big push from folks like us, President Joe Biden has had a productive summer with major legislative accomplishments and taken strong executive action. He signed into law:

  • the Inflation Reduction Act that moves us much closer to achieving climate goals by speeding up the transition to renewable energy, reducing methane emissions, helping coastal regions survive sea rise, and assisting communities bearing the brunt of environmental pollution. It also significantly improves healthcare by lowering prescription drug prices and strengthening Obamacare.
  • an Executive Order for the CHIPS and Science Act, spurring a major investment in domestic production of semiconductors and science research.
  • the PACT Act, the most significant expansion of veterans health care in 30 years.
  • the most significant gun safety law passed in 30 years.
  • And he just announced a student loan debt relief program aimed at the most vulnerable borrowers.

“Just think what we might be able to accomplish with a real Senate majority willing to fix the filibuster,” said Steve Murphy of IY.

It was great to see folks signing up to help register voters, send postcards and texts, join a phonebank or canvass for progressive candidates, but don’t worry if you missed the event: Mobilize links for all these activities are listed at the end of this week’s newsletter. As Rachel Beck said to those signing up to help, “put aside ‘all or nothing’ thinking – you don’t have to be at every phonebank or drive to Reno to make a difference.”

Time is short. Indivisibles everywhere are poised to get out the vote and keep pushing Congress to unrig our democracy and enact policies that truly improve people’s lives. Indivisible Yolo intends to do our part – sign up to help!

Even if you missed Sunday’s rally you can still sign up for the action teams!
Sign up now and get further info on IY midterm election teams!

Text Team:
Phone Team:
Walk Team:

Pints & Progress!

Good news, Indivisibles! We’ve got another PINTS & PROGRESS on the calendar:
When: Tuesday, September 13 @ 5-7pm
Where: Dunloe Brewing, 1606 Olive Dr, Davis

Please join us for an in-person ‘meet and greet”: informal conversations with various members of the Indivisible Yolo Leadership team and fellow Yolo County citizens who are increasingly concerned about our democracy and want to have an impact. We can simply meet and greet each other or we can discuss the issues (federal, state and local) that need our attention. This Davis event will be hosted by Linda Cloud.

Please register here:

Call Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry in support of SCA-2 to allow low-income housing

Assm. Aguiar-Curry: (530) 757-1034 (Davis) (916) 319-2004 (Sacramento) email

Sample Call Script:

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a constituent of Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry and my zip code is [zip code].

I’m calling to ask Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry to support SCA-2Voters should have the chance to repeal amendment 34 and allow affordable housing to be built. We don’t need to keep this racist relic of the 1950s in the California Constitution- please support SCA-2 and let the voters decide.

Call Assembly member Aguiar-Curry in support of SB 1008- the Keep Families Connected Act

Assm. Aguiar-Curry: (530) 757-1034 (Davis) (916) 319-2004 (Sacramento) email

Sample Call Script:

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a constituent of Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry and my zip code is [zip code].

I’m calling to ask Assembly member Aguiar-Curry to support SB 1008, the Keep Families Connected Act, which will provide incarcerated people with 60 minutes of voice communication a day. Being able to connect with family, friends, and outside resources is important for incarcerated people, and the prison industry should not be profiteering off of families who have incarcerated loved ones. Please support SB 1008. Thank you.

Call State Senator Dodd in support of the California Mandela Act on Solitary Confinement:

State Sen. Dodd:  (916) 651-4003 (Sacramento) (email)

Sample Call Script:

Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a constituent of Senator Dodd and my zip code is [zip code].

Please vote yes on AB 2632,  the California Mandela Act on Solitary Confinement, to set clear standards and limits on the use of solitary confinement. It’s an inhumane punishment that’s too often abused and used on vulnerable populations.

Interested in getting involved in Indivisible Yolo?

To learn more about joining one of our Indivisible Yolo action teams and to see how you can volunteer to help win elections, fill out this quick interest form so we can connect with you!

And check out our calendar for upcoming Indivisible Yolo events.

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