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The 2022 county-wide endorsement meeting was held Monday, Aug. 15 by the Eastern Washtenaw Democrats, the Western Washtenaw  Democrats, the Ann Arbor Democrats and the WCDP.

Thank you to all of the candidates and members who participated! Endorsements are as follows:

  • Dexter Mayor: Zach Michels 
  • Saline Mayor: Brian Marl 
  • Saline City Council: Dean Girbach 
  • 14A District Court Judge: Karl Barr
  • 22nd Circuit Court Judge: Arianne Slay
  • Ann Arbor School Board: Jacinda Townsend Gides, Susan Baskett, Rima Mohammad, Jeremy Lapham
  • Chelsea School Board: Michelle Craig, Glenn Fox, Kate Henson 
  • Lincoln Consolidated School Board: Matthew Bentley; Jason Moore 
  • Milan Area School Board: Sara Meray, Betty Rosen-Leacher 
  • Saline School Board: Lauren Gold, Kristin Hoffman-Peavler, Michael McVey 
  • Ypsilanti School Board: Meredith Schindler, Sharon Lee, M. Jeanice Townsend 
  • Ann Arbor District Library Board: Cat Hadley, Jim Leija, Aidan Sova 
  • Dexter Community School Board: Daniel Alabre, Melanie Szawara


  • United States House – District 6 – Debbie Dingell 
  • Michigan Senate – District 14 – Sue Shink 
  • Michigan Senate – District 15 – Jeff Irwin 
  • Michigan House – District 23 – Jason Morgan 
  • Michigan House – District 31 – Reggie Miller 
  • Michigan House – District 32 – Jimmie Wilson, Jr. 
  • Michigan House – District 33 – Felicia Brabec 
  • Michigan House – District 46 – Maurice Imhoff 
  • Michigan House – District 47 – Carrie Rheingans 
  • Michigan House – District 48 – Jennifer Conlin 
  • County Commissioner – District 1 – Jason Maciejewski 
  • County Commissioner – District 2 – Crystal Lyte 
  • County Commissioner – District 3 – Shannon Beeman 
  • County Commissioner – District 4 – Caroline Sanders 
  • County Commissioner – District 5 – Justin Hodge 
  • County Commissioner – District 6 – Annie Somerville 
  • County Commissioner – District 7 – Andy LaBarre 
  • County Commissioner – District 8 – Yousef Rabhi 
  • County Commissioner – District 9 – Katie Scott 
  • Ann Arbor Mayor – Christopher Taylor 
  • Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 1 – Cynthia Harrison 
  • Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 2 – Chris Watson 
  • Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 3 – Ayesha Ghazi Edwin 
  • Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 4 – Dharma Akmon 
  • Ann Arbor City Council – Ward 5 – Jenn Cornell 
  • Ypsilanti Mayor – Nicole Brown 
  • Ypsilanti City Council – Ward 1 – Me’Chelle King 
  • Ypsilanti City Council – Ward 3 – Desirae Simmons 
  • Dexter Township Trustee – Lonnie Scott 
  • Sylvan Township Clerk – Amanda Nimke 
  • Sylvan Township Supervisor – Kathleen Kennedy 

Unity Picnic a rally call for local Dems

Tuesday, August 16, Dems gathered in Ann Arbor for Congresswoman Debbie Dingell’s Unity Picnic to hear from area candidates, meet fellow progressives, and rally for the coming months.

“We have great candidates running in our county this election,” said Washtenaw County Prosecutor Eli Savit. “We have to elect candidates who share our values and will make sure their work reflects the needs of our community.”

Here’s an excerpt of Congresswoman Dingell’s speech:

“We cannot take this election for granted. We’re Washtenaw and we think, we’re going to vote Democratic. But Washtenaw is not an automatic Democratic County. We now have marginal state legislative seats that could determine whether the house and the senate are Democrat or Republican.

[During primary season], we saw coalitions of people that are normally together that were fighting against each other. But in the end, our values are the same and they are not Donald Trump. So, we have to come together.

There are people who are trying to harm our Democracy. They are fostering hate and division. They want to undermine our confidence and institutions and election outcomes. Michigan is target number one.

We have Michigan Militia in Washtenaw County and in surrounding areas. Donald Trump is fixated on Michigan. We have a Donald Trump acolyte who wants to be Secretary of State who doesn’t believe that Joe Biden won the election. Can you imagine what will happen in Michigan if you have someone like that in the Secretary of State Office?  

They want to throw this country into chaos. This is real.

Washtenaw County is one of the great hopes in the state of Michigan. We know what to do and we have to pull together. We have Reggie [Miller] in Belleville, Alex Garza down river…we have a lot of tough seats inside the six. When you go to Plymouth, Northville and Novi – these are marginal seats.

The fact of the matter is the new six will determine whether we take the state house and senate. If you care about this country, we have no choice but to elect Democrats and make sure we win a legislature that will fight for the values that you all care about.”

To view Dingell’s entire speech (13 minutes) for more insights on Washtenaw Dem strategy, visit our YouTube page

Grilling with Gretchen – You’re Invited!

Thursday, August 25th @ 5:30 – 7:30PM

Please join Governor Whitmer at  Grillin’ With Gretchen in Ann Arbor on Thursday, August 25th from 5:30 PM- 7:30 PM. There will be great food and outdoor activities, as well as time to meet and hear from Governor Whitmer!

The location will be shared the day prior to the event. Please direct your friends and neighbors to sign up here: https://www.mobilize.us/onecampaignformichigan/event/482221/ 

We look forward to seeing you on August 25th!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a family-friendly event and you are welcome (and encouraged!) to invite your friends, family, and neighbors. However, due to recent and serious security threats to the Governor, please do NOT share the information on any social media platforms. Email and texting is okay. Thank you for your understanding.

Register for Grillin’ with Gretchen and Garlin!

Join Democrats from across Michigan for our 2022 Fall Nominating Convention on August 20th and 21st at the Lansing Center in Lansing, to formally nominate Democratic candidates for November.
Even if you can’t attend in person, you can participate and vote on petitions & more via the Voatz app. MPD members should check their inbox for an MDP message with subject like “Get Credentialed for your 2022 Michigan Democratic Party Nominating Convention” for full instructions.

Sign up to attend the convention

Visit the convention website

College students are streaming back into the county, and our friends at the One Campaign want to make sure they are registered to votehave a plan to vote, and go vote.  You can be a part of it!

Sign up at Mobilize to help get out the vote!

Voter Registration @ EMU August 23 and 25

Canvassing @ EMU August 24 

Dorm Storm @ EMU August 26

Dorm Storm @ UMich August 29-31

Did You See the Signs?

Find us at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market in Kerrytown on Saturday mornings for signs, shirts, buttons and more.  You’ll especially want to grab one of these?

  • Whitmer Gilchrist Nessel Benson: $15
  • Black Lives Matter: $5
  • Whitmer Gilchrist on white: $10 

Can’t make the market?  We’ve got you covered on both sides of the county.

🪧 East Location: The WCDP Ypsilanti office during our sidewalk sale hours. We can only accept check (preferred) or cash.  Please call ahead to check on stock: 734-879-0556.

Sidewalk Yard Sign Sales
Wednesdays, 4-6 p.m.
Fridays, 4-6 p.m.
Saturdays, 1-3 p.m.
Sundays, 1-3 p.m.

West Location:  At the home of WCDP Chair Chris Savage at 2367 Baker Road, Dexter, MI

This kiosk is self-serve and is on the right (north) side of the garage! There is a box for donations and a form to fill out to keep us compliant with the FEC. Checks are preferred (made out to “WCDP”) but cash is accepted. Please watch for cats when pulling into the driveway (and expect our dogs to bark at you!)

Ann Arbor School Board Forum with Alex Wood and Barry Schumer

In case you missed this panel hosted by the Washtenaw County Democrats and Ann Arbor Democratic Party last Wednesday, Auguat 10th, we’ve got you covered on YouTube.

The primaries are over. Endorsements are being made.  Now it’s time to get the word out  so we can elect Dems up and down the ballot!

In 2020 the WCDP printed nearly 100,000 Voter Guides, which were walked to doors, mailed to voters, and shared at events. This year a mobile-friendly online version will make it even easier to vote confidently.

Your support decides how far we can go.  Fund the 2022 WCDP Voter Guide and let’s #FlipLansingBlue!

Donate to fund the WCDP Voter Guide

Get More Voter Info from the WCDP 

Bridge Michigan supports democracy with their MI ballot proposal tracker, explaining goals, funders, & more.

ActionHub connects you to local groups who share our Democratic values. Take action today!

The Final Word

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