Ask politicians hardball questions

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Ask politicians hardball questions

Your tax dollars pay politicians' salaries. Ask hardball questions so they can't dodge giving you a straight answer.

Your tax dollars pay politicians’ salaries. Ask hardball questions so they can’t dodge giving you a straight answer.

Republicans would rather not talk about their abortion bans. Voting restrictions. Inciting violence against law enforcement agents. Ask hardball questions that are harder for them to evade.

CNN host Brianna Keilar confronted Mike Turner, an Ohio Republican, on State of the Union after Trump promoted an article with the names of the FBI agents involved in the search for missing confidential documents at Mar-a-Lago resort. “How is that not encouraging violence against federal law enforcement officers in this climate to identify them?” Keilar asked Turner, citing an incident in which a shooter tried to breach an FBI office with an AR-15 rifle in Cincinnati. “Obviously, I don’t know who you’re referring to…”, replied Mike Turner. – Newsweek

Newshosts like Keilar are good at getting answers. How can more people ask tough questions so voters know what a candidate really stands for? How can these questions be shared to be asked at town halls,Zoom meetings, radio call in and TV programs? How can the questions to be asked, be updated quickly with fast moving events. There’s an app for that. BigStage Teleprompter.

Create your own script with a list of questions using the BigStage Teleprompter app. The questions scroll by on your a phone or laptop and you can freely share your script with others so they can ask their politicians the same questions too. Change the questions with new events at any time and everyone else using your script see the latest questions immediately. Create scripts for issues such as abortion bans, voting restrictions, climate change disasters, mass shootings… All things that Republicans would rather not speak about. These two scripts help get you started.

RULE OF LAW questions for Republicans

Use the RULE OF LAW script to ask Republicans about putting the lives of law enforcement officials at risk, weakening national security and using double standards for Trump.
Share this script freely with this link or as a GIF

ABORTION RIGHTS questions for Republicans

Use these ABORTION RIGHTS questions to ask Republicans why they are denying women their right to choose when and with whom to have a family.
Share this script freely with this link or as a GIF

Help others ask hardball questions too

  • Create your script in the BigStage Teleprompter
  • Use colors and fonts to emphasize the key points
  • Save your script and share it as a link or a QR Code
  • Combine the QR Code for the script to an image or free GIF from GIPHY
  • Create a new GIF using the free EZGIF app
  • Now you have a GIF ready to share with others
  • When they scan that QR Code or click on the link, they will see your script
  • The script will automatically adjust to phones, tablets and laptops
  • You can create as many scripts as you like and share with any number of people
  • Change the scripts with new questions so they are always up to date with events
Help others ask hardball questions too that you've created with the BigStage Teleprompter in the form or a link, QR Code or GIF.
Share as a GIF
Help others ask hardball questions too as a GIF with the QR Code to your script with questions created with the BigStage Teleprompter
Share as a GIF

How to use the teleprompter on your phone

  • Scan the code to launch the BigStage Teleprompter with the ABORTION BAN questions
  • Adjust the font size and scroll speed to your preference
  • Pause the teleprompter once you have asked your question
  • You can skip over questions in the script to go to the next one to ask
  • Use the BigStage Teleprompter script on your laptop or tablet with a link
  • The link and the QR Code both lead to the same script
  • The script appears in a separate browser window invisible to your Zoom audience.
How to ask hardball questions using the BigStage teleprompter on your phone.

Republican playbook to dodge questions

Politicians know how to dodge questions and run out the clock in interviews. Here are ten common ways Republican use to dodge answering the question. Ask the same question multiple times and point out that they are not answering your question. Politely interrupt them to repeat the question if they are filling the time with gibberish reminding them to answer the question.

 Don’t let them wiggle away. Get straight answers with hardball questions.



ABORTION RIGHTS: Hardball questions for Republicans

  • Are you OK with a 13-year-old rape victim being denied an abortion?
  • Do you agree with Republican Todd Aiken’s comment that “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down”?
  • Would you deny abortions to victims of trafficking like Governor DeSantis in Florida?
  • Do you support a federal ban on abortion?
  • Will you restrict access to abortion pills?
  • Do you agree with Clarence Thomas on restricting access to birth control and contraceptives?
  • Should the Government decide when women have babies?
  • Should women be denied their freedom to choose when and with whom to have a family?
  • Will you block interstate travel for women seeking an abortion in another state like Republicans in Oklahoma?
  • Should abortions be allowed if the mother’s life is at risk?
  • Should a woman be forced to carry a dead fetus to term?
  • Should a woman who has a miscarriage be prosecuted for murder?
  • Should doctors be jailed for providing reproductive healthcare?
  • Will you push to punish companies offering reproductive health services to their employees?
  • Should abortion vigilantes be rewarded with a $10,000 bounty?

RULE OF LAW: Hardball questions for Republicans

  • The search warrant was issued by a Trump-appointed judge and sanctioned by a Trump-appointed FBI Director. Are they biased against him?
  • Should Trump’s lawyer who signed that all confidential documents had been returned, but hadn’t returned be prosecuted?
  • Do you take documents labeled ‘SPECIAL ACCESS’ home with you?
  • Mike Turner (R-OH) said that documents labeled ‘CLASSIFIED’ doesn’t mean they really are classified. Do you agree?
  • Eight Supreme Court Justices, including three appointed by Trump, voted to deny his bid to block the documents. Should they be impeached?
  • Should the FBI be defunded as Marjorie Taylor Greene has demanded?
  • FBI agents’ lives have been endangered by Trump publicly disclosing their identities. Do you think that’s right?
  • Is it OK to incite supporters to attack law enforcement?
  • Republicans demanded Hillary Clinton be held accountable for her emails. Why do you use a double standard for Trump?
  • Trump weaponized the DOJ 25 times to target his political enemies. You never questioned it before. Why is it a concern now?
  • If Donald Trump runs in 2024, will you support him?
  • Should the GOP nominate candidates who will accept election results?

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