Video: Interview About the Attempt To Sabotage Michigan’s Election

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You can hear about this dangerous challenge from Aghogho Edevbie, the Michigan State Director of All Voting is Local who was recently interviewed on Conversations by clicking here.

He tells you, first, that the threats to flood the polls with election workers who can swing things their way, and with poll challengers who can disrupt the vote, can be overcome.

Thanks to strong election laws and our excellent Secretary of State, these attempts will be stopped at the gate. But we are needed to hold that gate! 

Aghogo lays out the many ways that we can be part of the process, whether as (paid) election workers, as poll watchers, or as part of the election hotline that helps head off problems as they develop. They have threatened us with an army, but we will meet them with our own defenders of a fair and orderly election. 


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