ALL HANDS: Post-Roe We Can Stop MAGA & WIN

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Join Network NOVA and NOPE Neighbors, flipping agendas since 2017 to welcome Simon Rosenberg, whose recent political talk “A New, Bluer Election” has activated our defiance & lifted our hearts to WIN in November 2022.

Simon’s message, in a nutshell: poll after poll is proving that contrary to belief, this year is going to be just like the last 2 elections – decided by the overwhelming anti-MAGA majority in this country.

Simon will join us to share his very latest data and analysis, and take our questions. We’ll also share a quick intro to the actions you can start taking from home, wherever you are, or talking with swing voters in person.

It’s plain to see that this November, MAGA Republicans are running on the Big Lie up and down the ballot to try to lay the groundwork for a better coup in ’24. But if we push back now we can stop them by holding the US House and adding 2 seats to our Senate majority. Then, we can finally codify Roe, ensure Voting Rights, protect our elections, defend LGBTQ+ rights, and take real action to prevent a Climate disaster.

Together, we Dems can listen to experts like Simon, feel the power of our massive anti-MAGA majority, and get out there on the field to give this election everything we’ve got. Just like we did in ’18 and ’20. Because when we vote, we win.

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