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Washtenaw County Black Caucus Judicial Candidates Event

Photo: non-partisan candidates endorsed by the WCDP Black Caucus: Torchio W. Feaster; Miriam Perry; Arianne Slay; Kyra Harris Bolden

WCBC hosted a meet n greet for local and state judicial candidates who have been endorsed by the Black Caucus and are running for Michigan District, Circuit and Supreme Court seats. Current jurists who were previously endorsed by WCBC were also invited and joined the gathering. The event was well attended and offered attendees an opportunity to meet, greet, and pose questions to the candidates. The event offered catering by Crystal Lyte, who is also a candidate for County Commissioner in District 2.

Q&A with Washtenaw County Trial Court Candidates Richelew & Slay

Arianne Slay, Ann Arbor Deputy City Attorney, and Marla A. Linderman Richelew, Executive Director of the Washtenaw Association for Justice, participated in a WCDP candidate forum held in early June. It was refreshing to see two opposing candidates be supportive of each other – very rare these days – and both spoke of being inspired to join their professions by personal, family experiences.

We wanted to know:

  • What events in your own life have inspired you to work in criminal justice?
  • How will those experiences inform your work as a judge?
  • What does freedom mean to you?

From Marla Linderman Richelew’s full response:

What events in your own life have inspired you to work in criminal justice?

I first learned that anyone can be wrongly accused and deprived of a voice when I was 7. The unfairness of it inspired me to promise my 7-year-old self that I would dedicate my life to ensuring that everyone had a voice and making the world fairer and more equitable. I’ve never wavered from that promise. My passion has always been helping people, not persecuting them. 

As a lawyer, I experienced discrimination like many female attorneys do. I’ve had male attorneys wink at me during depositions and think if funny to step in front of me in court obstructing all 5’3” of me while I was arguing a motion, been asked more times than I can count if I was the “court reporter”, and been pulled out of the metal detector line to explain to the male officer what my breast pump was and why I had to bring it to court. The discrimination just inspired me to make a difference. I convinced a judge to sanction the winking attorney when I brought their misconduct to the attention of the court, and another to sanction my 6’5” opposing counsel for his antics. I championed having a respectful breastfeeding location in courts when I was President of Women Lawyers Association of Michigan. 

After attending a mandatory case evaluation meeting in Washtenaw and realizing the shortage of minorities and females in the room, I created a task force to increase inclusion and diversity to combat the implicit racial and gender inequity in the process. If I see something, I say something, and I also roll up my sleeves and get to work.

Read More from Richelew 

From Arianne Slay’s full response:

What events in your own life have inspired you to work in criminal justice?

For me, the quest for true justice is personal. While recent reforms and legislation have made efforts to support equal access to justice and reduce undeniable racial disparities, we are far from a perfect system. I have always had the heart of justice reform, but that will only get me so far. 

I learned from my parents at a young age that if you want to see change in the world you have choices on how to help effectuate change. My mom, SJ, was a committed public protester from the Democratic Convention of ‘68, to leading marches on her college campus as a VP of SDS, she encouraged others to let their voices be heard. A voice can put on the pressure for change and bring attention to injustice. I learned to use my public voice from my mother. 

As a young child, my dad was a municipal police officer in NW Indiana. He taught me that to really make change you had to understand where the problems were, then go into the hornet’s nest, no matter how welcoming and make that change from within. As a young man, my father lost his dad to a lynching. He, his brother, and my grandmother Kat had no one to turn to for help. In those days down south, the Klan and the police were one in the same. 

Read More from Slay 

Be a voter today!

Winning big in November starts with choosing great Dems in the August 2 primary.  Here’s how you can be a voter today!

Now through August 1 If you’re registered to vote where you live, you can vote early in person at your city or township clerk’s officeuntil 4 p.m. on August 1.  After that, you must vote at your polling location on Election Day.

August 2: Election Day The polls are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. local time; if you need to register, you can register (with proof of residency) and then vote at your city or township clerk’s office until 8 p.m.

 Get More Voter Info from the WCDP 
Check your ballot at the MI Voter Information Center

WCDP Garden Party

This Saturday, 7/23, 3-6 pm

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and candidate for State Board of EducationMitchell Robinson will be the featured speakers at WCDP’s Garden Party this weekend.

Support the WCDP at this special event  hosted by Anne and Chris Savage. Come see their beautiful organic garden, eat scrumptious, homemade food, and connect with fellow Democrats. Tickets start at $100 at  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/gardenparty-2022.

Candidate volunteer requests! 

Election Day is coming right up! A number of primary candidates have reached out to ask for volunteers. Can you go out or otherwise help? There are a number of House Districts that include or neighbor us in Washtenaw County.

Michigan Legislative Campaigns include 

Sue Shink, MI Senate District 14, contact dominic@votesueshink.com
Kelsey Heck Wood, MI Senate District 14, contact team@kelseyheckwood.com

Jennifer Conlin, MI House District 48, contact dylan@conlinforstaterep.com

Jason Morgan, MI House District 23, is helping recruit canvassers for the following candidates who are also near to us:

  • Saturday, July 23 at 11:00 AM in Brownstown Charter Twp: Canvass for Rob Kull (HD28)
  • Saturday, July 23 at 3:00 PM in Dundee: Canvass for Reggie Miller (HD31)
  • Sunday, July 24 at 1:00 PM in Livonia: Canvass for Matt Koleszar (HD22)

To volunteer for other races, House Districts, County Commissioners or Judges, consult our list of all the candidates!  

Video up from Candidate Forum

Missed the forum for County Commission District 5 last week? Here you go:

Merch at the A2 Farmer’s Market

Find us at the A2 Art Fair this week too!

Whitmer Gilchrist Nessel Benson: $15
Black Lives Matter: $5
Whitmer Gilchrist on white: $10

Check or cash preferred. You can also pick up signs at the WCDP Ypsilanti office on Wednesdays, 5 to 7Saturdays, 11 to 3; and Sundays, 1 to 3.  Call ahead to check stock: 734-879-0556.

Bridge Michigan supports democracy with their MI ballot proposal tracker, explaining goals, funders, & more.

ActionHub connects you to local groups who share our Democratic values. Take action today!

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