Lean Left Vermont Weekly Action Update — Rise Up!

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We must win in November.

Actions You Can Take This Week!

North Carolina

“Crossing state lines to commit democracy.” What is happening with abortion access in NC? How could an NC gerrymandering case set the course for a fringe legal theory that could give states the power to determine election outcomes? Get up to speed with Lean Left’s North Carolina Briefing Sheet.

  • Join us at the NC state team meeting: Building Power Lunch Hour, Monday, July 11 at noon. SIGN UP HERE! 
  • Donate to this month’s NC beneficiaries HERE.

New Hampshire

Urgent! The Voter Protection Team is asking for volunteers to help recruit Ballot Inspectors for the upcoming election. The far-right will try to disrupt voting, making it imperative that voters have protection. Ballot Inspectors are on the front lines during elections — marking the checklist, handing out ballots, and many other tasks. The Ballot Inspector recruitment deadline is this Friday

  • Hop on the calling event today (Monday) or Tuesday at 4:00 PM. These are rewarding calls to strong Democrats. You’ll sleep better when you know there will be people at the polls watching over our elections who actually believe in democracy. SIGN UP HERE. Or contact Rebecca if you want to make calls on your own. 

Nobody out crazies WI Republicans when it comes to the Big Lie. Ron Johnson is just the tip of the iceberg. One GOP contender for governor wants to destroy the bipartisan WI Election Commission, so there is only “one throat to choke…if elections go wrong.” Another is still actively pursuing the decertification of the 2020 presidential results. Even GA Gov. Brian Kemp knew not to cross a line regarding the validity of 2020 election results. None of the Republicans looking to challenge Tony Evers for the Wisconsin governorship would have any hesitation in tossing results they don’t like. 

  • Let’s make sure everyone in Wisconsin knows about it these efforts and can fight back. Help educate WI voters SIGN UP HERE with RepresentUs to call or text.


Support newly registered voters! The New Pennsylvania Project plans to register 1500-2000 new voters, some are new citizens, every month through the election. Red 2 Blue is ensuring that these newly registered voters are off on the right foot!

  • Join us in contacting newly registered Democrats and Independents to ask if their registration materials have arrived and if not, help them find out their registration status and fix any problems. Contact Ann to get connected.

Fund the Movement

July Beneficiary
North Carolina
Building Electoral Power in
Marginalized Communities

I will never back down when women’s health is on the line. But let’s be clear—my veto is only effective when I have the votes in the state legislature to back me up. That means the consequences for this November’s elections have never been more serious. If Democrats were to lose just two seats in the Senate or three seats in the House, then North Carolina loses the ability to protect women’s reproductive rights.” —Governor Roy Cooper

Republicans dismissed the Governor’s promise. The Republican-held legislature did pass abortion restrictions and the Governor did veto the bill. The GOP has been open about passing more extreme restrictions if they win a supermajority in the state legislature in November. Their assaults on reproductive health care disproportionately affect people of color, the poor, and those living in rural areas.

Join Lean Left in supporting Advance Carolina and NC A Philip Randolph Educational Fund. For years, these two organizations  have reached out to black voters with community support and information about state-level candidates that will serve their interests. According to Marcus Bass of Advance Carolina, “We’re making sure that [voters] understand the power they have on the ballot, especially this year.”

  • Advance Carolina engages with voters young and old and inspires them to become activists within their communities. Their impressive voter protection program combats intimidation, voter suppression, misinformation, and more to ensure that every voter can safely cast their ballot. 
  • NC A. Philip Randolph Education Fund, the state chapter of a labor-affiliated national program, builds relationships year-round to encourage and expand black political activity. They lead the way in registering, educating, supporting and mobilizing rural black voters. 

Together, these organizations connect deeply with rural voters and mobilize them to vote for candidates that will represent their interests. 

Click on the image to listen to what Marcus Bass, Executive Director of Advance Carolina, has to say about the winning strategy in North Carolina. 

Upcoming Events

Join the PA Dems VoPro Volunteer Corps, Wednesday, July 13, 7:00 PM.
Come and learn how you can take effective voter protection actions to help us save democracy in PA and in our country, guest speaker, Josh Shapiro, Democratic candidate for Governor. Wednesday, SIGN UP HERE
New Hampshire Power Lunch, Thursday July 21, 12:00.
Join Lean Left’s New Hampshire Team for our monthly Power Hour Lunch. This is an informal meeting to bring everyone up to date on what is happening in the state, answer questions, and get to know our fellow activists. We brainstorm effective ways we can use our skills and resources in the coming months and find community in our shared goal of building power and strengthening our democracy. So, bring your lunch, a snack or a drink, and let’s figure out how together we can work on behalf of New Hampshire voters! SIGN UP HERE

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