IC-SS News 06-13-22: Catch Up, Jump In, Make a Difference

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IC-SS Weekly Update: June 13, 2022

TONIGHT: June 13! Virtual Meet & Greet with Josef Michael Carr

If you live in the 25th District for the Illinois State House, you’ve had the chance to know incumbent State Rep Curtis Tarver, II, who has served since the beginning of 2019. (Check your legislators here.) This year, Rep Tarver has a challenger, Josef Michael Carr, and you can get to know Mr. Carr tonight! Register here.

TONIGHT, Monday, June 13th, 5:30-6:30 pm: Meet challenger Josef Michael Carr on Zoom and have the chance to ask him questions. Register here.

NOTE: Indivisible Chicago-South Side does not plan to make an endorsement in this race, but we encourage group members to be informed voters.

People, Power, Progress: Make a Difference in 2022

We’re almost halfway through 2022 — you still have time to help fight back the MAGA Republicans and elect leaders who stand for voting rights, gun violence prevention, reproductive rights, health care for all, and more.

Canvassing – Knock Doors, Talk to Voters in Wisconsin & Illinois

Indivisible Chicago Alliance has organized door-to-door canvassing in Wisconsin and in Chicago’s 7th and new 3rd districts. If you like getting outside and talking directly with voters, now is the time to get started. Then, over the summer, expect to find even more canvassing opportunities.


  • In Illinois before the June 28 primary: Canvass for our endorsed candidate, Kina Collins in IL-07. Or canvass for Delia Ramirez in the new IL-03. Both of these energetic progressive candidates are endorsed by national Indivisible & citywide Indivisible Chicago. Find opportunities/sign up.
  • From now through November: Canvass in Wisconsin, in reasonable driving distance, car pooling available. Find opportunities/sign up.

Find Your Way to Make a Difference in 2022

It’s 2022, and it’s time to act. Indivisible Chicago-South Side joins with Indivisible Chicago Alliance (ICA) to make a difference in the future of our nation.  We simply cannot sit this election out. The future depends on us.

Find your way to make a difference. 

Are you someone who likes to get out in the world and talk to people? Sign up to canvass for a candidate. Prefer to work from home? You can phone or text voters.

Have you been feeling like you should do something, but don’t yet know what, where, or how? The Indivisible Chicago Alliance has got you!  Whatever you choose, you’ll get all the training, support, and camaraderie you’d like. Explore the opportunities below and pick one to try:

 Jan 6 Committee Hearings – Thanks for Joining Us Last Week!

The January 6 Committee hearing last week took us back to the raw horror we experienced as we watched the mob attack our country, violently breaching the Capitol, injuring people, and threatening lives. The Committee revealed Donald Trump’s complicity and the extensive planning conducted by extremist groups the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

We cannot let the MAGA faction or the forces of hate take over our country. As we watch the ongoing hearings, let us commit to fight for our democracy, our right to vote and to have our votes counted so the people can choose their own leaders.

Thanks to the dozens of people who turned out to watch the Thursday night hearings with citywide Indivisible Chicago Alliance (ICA) at Bar Louie in the South Loop. We counted at least 10 South Siders! 

Julia Kline; IC-SS Co-Leader/ICA Board Member Sarah Lincoln; Cecilia Mowatt discussed the hearings

Quoted in the Chicago Tribune article about the watch event, IC-SS member Justin Hill shared that he’d been living outside the country at the time of the January 6 attack. “It’s a weird thing when you’re living in a foreign country and you’re watching the dissolution of your country’s whole famed idea that we are a peaceful democracy and there’s a peaceful transfer of power,” he said. Read the full Tribune article.

If you missed the hearing aired on June 9th – or the Chicago watch event – catch up here:

Social media Toolkit here:

Next Watch Event: Thurs., June 23, 6:00-10:00 pm

Missed Indivisible Chicago’s first watch event for the January 6 Committee hearings? Attended and want to do it again? Either way: there will be a second watch event for the projected last broadcast, which also is the only other evening broadcast on the schedule: Thursday, June 23.

We will meet again at Bar Louie at 47 W. Polk, in the South Loop from 6-10 pm on Thursday, June 23. The hearings start at 7 pm CT. Sign up here.

March for Our Lives – Chicago

On Saturday, Chicago held one of hundreds of March for Our Lives rallies across the nation.

Chicago rally goers called for our nation, state, and city to treat gun violence as a public health crisis and to address the problem on multiple levels, including funding resources to communities; ensuring everyone has access to health care, housing, and jobs; and passing legislation to prevent gun violence. (All photos courtesy of IC-SS Co-Leader Teri Watkins.)

Seize Hope! Act to Make a Difference

IRED UP? The MAGA faction wants to control of our country at the local, state, and national levels – and they’ll use gerrymandering, voter suppression, and unfair election practices to seize power.

If we care about preventing gun violence, combating climate change, protecting reproductive rights and overcoming white supremacy, then we must elect legislators who will fight for these causes in our cities, states, and country.

As we get closer to the general mid-term election in November, there will be more and more opportunities to protect our slim majority in the House, increase our majority in the Senate, and have an impact in state races—gubernatorial, state legislature and others—in key states.

There are things you can do right now to oust the MAGA Republicans from office and elect progressives who will FIGHT for our democracy and our rights. There are phonebanks and canvassing in our own and neighboring states going on right now to remind voters about voting by mail, about important state legislative races, and about recruiting poll workers and poll watchers.

Act Now

Make a difference in Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin! One way to get active is via citywide Indivisible Chicago Alliance. See the People, Power, Progress box in the newsletter section above, or go to Indivisible Chicago’s People Power Progress page.

If you are specifically interested in making a difference in Wisconsin, you can sign up for get-out-the-vote work through Indivisible Chicago’s  People Power Progress campaign. You can also help protect the vote in Wisconsin: sign up directly with Wisconsin Democrats (WisDems) Voter Protection Team.

 Recap: IL-01 Candidates Forum

Illinois primary day is Tuesday, June 28th. If you’ll be voting as a Democrat in Illinois’s 1st Congressional District, you’ll need to choose among 17 candidates, 14 of whom took part in the May 23 Candidates Forum jointly hosted by Indivisible Chicago-South Side and UChicago Democrats. 

Here are Forum resources for you:
1. Virtual Forum Program – PDF
2. Full May 23 Candidates Forum – recorded livestream (scroll to begin at minute 14:00)
    – Hour #1: Group 1 candidates; Hours #2-3: Group 2 candidates (see photos above)
3. News stories in Block Club Chicago & Hyde Park Herald

Organizations & Opportunities

Indivisible Chicago-South Side shares information and action announcements from other organizations on issues important in our country, state, city, and communities.

LGBTQ Victory Fund’s BLC Insider Series Interview – Wed., June 15

From LGBTQ Victory Fund: Interested in promoting Black LGBTQ candidates across the country?  Join LGBTQ Victory Fund online on Wednesday, June 15th, 5:00-6:00 pm CST to interact with endorsed candidates. Featured guests include: Jolanda Jones, Christian Manuel Hayes, and Venton Jones. Register: bit.ly/3MICqDc 

Public Figures to Speak on Public Safety – Monday, June 20

From Neighbors Who Vote: Concerned about safety in Chicago? Eager for community-based solutions, NOT more surveillance, armed security, and punishment?

Find out what our elected leaders will actually do to keep us safe if we send them to Washington. Attend Neighbors Who Vote’s in-person community discussion at First Presbyterian Church, Monday, June 20th, 6:00-8:30 pm. Reinventing Public Safety: An In-Person Community Discussion. Get free tickets: bit.ly/nwvsafety

The format will be a quasi-townhall. Neighbors Who Vote is assembling a panel of question askers with a wide range of professional expertise in the area of crime prevention, violence reduction, criminal justice reform, police accountability, mental health treatment, and the like. Candidates won’t debate one another but will be pushed on their answers by the panel.

We will be hearing from candidates running for Congress in the 1st and 7th Districts in the IL primary. Candidates running in the 1st district: Kirby Birgans, Jahmal Cole, Sen. Jacqui Collins, Jonathan Jackson, Karin Norington-Reeves, Jonathan Swain, Charise Williams. Candidate running in the 7th district: Kina Collins (7th district).

Congressman Danny Davis (incumbent, 7th district) was invited and has not responded to the invitation. Ald. Pat Dowell (running in the 1st district) was invited and declined, citing a scheduling conflict.

WHAT: Reinventing Public Safety: An In-Person Community Discussion
WHEN: Monday, June 20th, 6:00-8:30 pm.
WHERE: First Presbyterian Church, 6400 S. Kimbark Ave.
TICKETS: Get free tickets for the event here: bit.ly/nwvsafety

Note from IC-SS: This community discussion is organized and presented by Neighbors Who Vote. Indivisible Chicago-South Side is one of multiple promotional partners.

Check Your Judges – From Injustice Watch

From Injustice Watch: Cook County, it’s time to #CheckYourJudges! Injustice Watch just published their judicial election guide for the June 28 primary elections.

The guide is the result of months of extensive research and reporting about the 75 candidates running for judge. It includes detailed information on each candidate’s work history and legal experience, as well as their family and political connections and past controversies.

NEW this year, you’ll also find:

  • Campaign finance data and each candidate’s top donors.
  • Information on candidates’ community involvement.
  • Responses to Injustice Watch’s candidate survey.
  • Ratings from all 13 bar associations that evaluate candidates (coming soon!).

Injustice Watch offers the guide as a voting resource. They don’t make endorsements or recommendations.

The guide is available in English and Spanish. You can use the guide to find your subcircuit, research and select candidates to vote for, and print a PDF version of your choices to take with you when you vote. (You can also use the guide on your phone in the voting booth.)

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