Weekly Action Update – We have less than 6 months before the midterm elections. We cannot lose.

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November 8, 2022


May 23, 2022

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North Carolina

Why is it essential that Democrats win in 2022? North Carolina has a chance to flip a U.S. Senate seat, gain a U.S. representative with the newly added 13th Congressional seat, hold the Democratic majority on the state supreme court (absolutely essential!), and make gains in the state legislature while fending off a Republican supermajority. (FYI: We’ll discuss the candidates Lean Left may be supporting at the next Building Power Lunch Hour!)

  • Meet the rising star candidates who won their May 17 primaries in contested districts: Mary Wills Bode (State Senate District 18 in Wake and Granville Counties); Diamond Staton-Williams (State House District 73 in Cabarrus County); Carla Catalan Day (State House District 74 in Forsyth County). Sign up here!


Thanks to a non-partisan redistricting committee that created a more fair map, Democrats have a decent chance at flipping the state legislature blue!  However, this won’t happen without your hard work.  You can take action to support state legislative candidates in the November general election. Sister District has identified two PA candidates, one incumbent and one challenger, who need our help.  


Voter intimidation at the polls has risen dramatically in Wisconsin.  It is likely to get worse.  Help protect the vote in Wisconsin by recruiting poll observers for the  August election! Poll observers are the eyes and ears of the WisDems at polling locations, and they need your help to recruit them so that voters can safely and easily cast their ballots. Help recruit poll observers. The WisDems have a well-run, supported phonebank opportunity. There are several time slots weekly. Sign Up Here!

New Hampshire

Like to take walks? Walking through New Hampshire to talk to voters is starting in June! Our approach will be to use “deep canvassing” techniques to listen to voters’ concerns and help hone the issue message for the campaign and begin to measure candidate support. If you haven’t taken the “deep canvassing” training from Swing Blue Alliance, we urge you to sign up hereLet us know if you’re interested in canvassing. Our first canvassing opportunity is in Keene in June, but we will be adding more towns as campaign offices open up on the western side of the state. By filling out this form we’ll know if you interested in Keene and future notices about specific canvassing opportunties.  Fill out this form!

Don’t forget we’re here to help you get started! Get in touch here. 

Learn more about New HampshirePennsylvaniaNorth Carolina, and Wisconsin

Upcoming Events

All In for North Carolina Monthly Meeting

Monday, May 23rd, 2:00-3:45 PM. Meet the rising star candidates who won their May 17 primaries in contested districts. Why is it essential that Democrats win in 2022? North Carolina has a chance to flip a U.S. Senate seat, gain a U.S. representative with the newly added 13th Congressional seat, hold the Democratic majority on the state supreme court (absolutely essential!), and make gains in the state legislature while fending off a Republican supermajority. SIGN UP HERE!

Become an Action Maker

“To prevent election subversion in 2024, we must take steps to protect the electoral process today. Each small individual action adds up to powerful protection for democracy.”
—Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, Knit Democracy Together 

Thursday, May 26, 7-8 PM. Make sure every vote counts in every single state, join Lean Left Vermont and Knit Democracy Together to learn how you can Become an Action Maker. We’ll discuss many ways you can support voters, whether at home on your own at your computer or working with friends for group energy. We’ll help you identify your individual skills, strengths, and values and help you figure out how those can be put to work to protect our democracy. All you need is your computer or cell phone to join us on Zoom. We’ll provide the rest. SIGN UP HERE!

Building Power Lunch Hour with Lean Left’s North Carolina Team

Monday June 6, 12:00 PM Join Lean Left’s North Carolina Team for our monthly Lunch Hour meet-up, an informal meeting to get to know our fellow activists, brainstorm effective ways we can use our skills and resources in the coming months, and find community in our shared goal of building power and strengthening our democracy. This month we’ll ID the candidates Lean Left will be supporting in July. Early money translates to success! Bring your lunch, a snack or a drink, and let’s figure out how together we can work on behalf of North Carolina voters! SIGN UP HERE.

Fund the Movement

May Beneficiary

Wisconsin: Democracy’s Sea Wall!

Raised so far $4600

9 More Days to Help Tony!

“Our work to defend access to reproductive healthcare has never been more important. Before I became governor, I promised I’d fight to protect access to abortion and reproductive rights. I’ve kept that promise, and I will fight every day as long as I’m governor.”

— Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers

Attorney General Josh Kaul (left) and Gov. Tony Evers (right). “A 173-year-old abortion ban in Wisconsin could go back into effect as early as this summer if a draft opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court takes effect.” Source: Wisconsin Public Radio

Tony Evers’s administration is the only thing standing in the way of the Republicans taking reproductive rights away from women in Wisconsin. If Tony Evers falls, so does the state of Wisconsin. Republicans would have a trifecta and would use it to turn it into the Texas of the Midwest. 

Even Georgia Governor Brian Kemp knew there was a line not to be crossed regarding the validity of 2020 election results. He stood by the state’s results that handed Georgia’s electoral votes to Joe Biden. None of the Republicans looking to challenge Tony Evers for the Wisconsin governorship will have any hesitation in tossing out results they don’t like. One leading contender wants to destroy the bipartisan Wisconsin Election Commission so there is only “one throat to choke…if elections go wrong.” Another is still actively pursuing the decertification of the 2020 presidential results.

Join Lean Left in supporting Governor Evers’s campaign as well as three Democratic county committees in critical parts of the state. One of these county committees (La Crosse) is also the center of the most, perhaps only, competitive US House race (WI-03) in the state. Dem Ron Kind is retiring. 


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Check out the Wisconsin Briefing Sheet for more information about this battleground state.

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