Knit Democracy Together Date! Monday, May 9

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Knit Democracy Together
Monday, May 9 in Shelburne, Vermont

7:00 to 8:30 PM

Each small individual action adds up to powerful protection for democracy.

Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, an artist and former election lawyer, is gathering with other civic-minded crafters to deepen our knowledge of democracy. While stitching a piece of a collaborative sculpture, you’ll gain insights into how elections work. Find out why removing drop boxes in Texas or banning voting machines in New Hampshire affects the entire country. No knitting required! If you’re a maker, a voter, or a supporter of democracy, this gathering is for you.

Fund the Movement — Don’t Let Wisconsin Fall into GOP Hands

May Monthly Newsletter

Wisconsin: A Sea Wall for Democracy

Headlines from Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Democratic governor vetoes GOP abortion bills

Tony Evers vetoes critical race theory ban bill

Gov. Tony Evers Vetoes 6 GOP-Backed Election Bills

“I would’ve never guessed that my job as governor…was going to be mainly about making sure that our democracy is still intact
in this state.”

— Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers

Join Lean Left in supporting Governor Evers’ campaign as well as local Democratic County Committees in critical areas of the State.

Even Georgia Governor Brian Kemp knew there was a line not to be crossed regarding the validity of 2020 election results. He stood by the state’s results that handed Georgia’s electoral votes to Joe Biden. None of the Republicans looking to challenge Tony Evers for the Wisconsin governorship will have any hesitation in tossing out results they don’t like. One leading contender wants to destroy the bipartisan Wisconsin Election Commission so there is only “one throat to choke…if elections go wrong.” Another is still actively pursuing the decertification of the 2020 presidential results.

If Tony Evers falls, so does the state of Wisconsin. Republicans would have a trifecta and would use it to turn it into the Florida of the Midwest. Tony Evers’ veto is the only thing that has stopped them so far. 

Wisconsin statewide elections are often decided by 1% or less. Tony Evers defeated Scott Walker by 1.1% and Biden defeated Trump by 0.63%. Much attention gets focused on Milwaukee and Madison but neither of these wins would have been possible without strength in other parts of the state. 

Join Lean Left in supporting Governor Evers’s campaign as well as three Democratic county committees in critical parts of the state. One of these county committees (La Crosse) is also the center of the most, perhaps only, competitive US House race (WI-03) in the state. Dem Ron Kind is retiring. 

Or contribute through your Giving Circle!

Lean Left Vermont has raised more than $325,000 since 2017

To learn more go to Lean Left’s Wisconsin Briefing Sheet.

Upcoming Events

Building Power Hour Lunches 

New Hampshire, Thursday, May 19 at 12:00. Engaging voters with real conversations and supporting each other as we do this critical midterm election work. We’ll share ideas and experiences and make plans on how we can support our neighbors in their effort to bring democracy back to the Granite State. SIGN UP HERE

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