BADASS Briefing, May 5, 2022

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I’m the mother of three beautiful children, and they are the greatest gift that I’ve ever been given. I believe that a woman’s decision to have a baby, give a baby up for adoption or terminate a pregnancy is a decision she should make with her family, her faith, and under her doctors guidance​.​ ​I​t is not the place for government rule. The government should not impose its power on what is, and should remain, a deeply personal decision.

We have come face-to-face with an unimaginable threat. Women, females of any child-bearing age, could be forced by our government to continue pregnancies that, for whatever traumatic reason, they know they cannot bear. In America, are we free or are we not? We do not support an all-powerful government that can intrude in our most intimate decisions. Will we have to prove to some government authority that a miscarriage was not an abortion?

We all know that women who have few assets, who can’t miss work or leave their families will suffer most.

Why is making a personal, informed decision to terminate a pregnancy worse than neglecting children we have already? “We must protect the life of the unborn”, is the cry. What about the child who will be born? Will you give healthcare to the baby and mother so that they may thrive? Will there be childcare available, so that the mother can work? Will you support the child with public education? Will you support the family with childcare credits, universal healthcare, a higher minimum wage, or paid leave? In the end, it is the children and families who will suffer. Please join the Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance: Moving Virginia Forward Post-Roe Decision Leak, this evening at 7pm.

Let’s keep at it!


Abortion Rights Town Hall

Thursday May 5th at 7pm

Join the Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance partners to discuss Moving Virginia Forward Post-Roe Decision Leak.


Understanding Voters

Friday Power Lunch (5/6/2022)

Two of the most important lessons from our loss in 2021 are that no voter can be taken for granted and no voter can be ignored. It takes voters from every corner of the state, every age, demographic, and interest group to win an election. On this week’s Friday Power Lunch (5/6/2022) we are going to explore how to identify the many issues and concerns people care about in today’s digitally driven world so we can sift through the noise to really understand voters.

Our first guest is CEO and Founder of FilerLabsDr. Jonathan Teubner. FilterLabs is a 21st Century approach to conducting focus groups in real time by using digital content to distill public opinion from the national to the local level. Dr. Teubner will be joined by Lynlee Thorn (Political Director, Rural GroundGame) for a discussion on how FilterLabs is working with the Rural GroundGame to determine the issues important to rural Virginiana and the best way to discuss those issues.

Andrea Miller (Executive Director, Center for Common Ground) will talk to us about their work to educate and empower under-represented voters to engage in elections and advocate for their right to vote. Through their Democracy Centers, they are providing year-round local support for civic engagement to achieve meaningful progress on issues of importance in underserved communities of color where the ill effects of historic systemic racism are deeply entrenched and oppressive. Common Ground also runs the popular “Reclaim our Vote” postcard program that is currently writing GOTV postcards to Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina for the June primary.

Our Candidate Spotlight this week is on Makya Little running for Delegate in District 19. This is a new district that consists of the eastern part of Fairfax County and the northeastern part of Prince William County. In addition to telling us about her district and her campaign, Makya will talk about the challenges of being a first-time candidate.

Join us this Friday for a discussion on how to identify and engage the many kinds of voters who make up the Virginia electorate.


Join Team Spanberger’s Pro-Choice Organizing Call

Thursday, May 5, 6PM-7PM

Discuss the leak and Rep. Spanberger’s positions on reproductive rights, how critical this moment is, and phone bank across the district!

Stand up for Public Education during Teacher Appreciation Week by Stand and Deliver Virginia – Fri, May 6, 2022: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

It is time to take back the narrative. Teachers are not the threat. We will stand up for all of our students and continue to deliver honest instruction. Meet up at The Carousel on the National Mall. (Smithsonian is the closest Metro stop – Orange, Silver and Blue lines.) The U.S. Capitol will serve as our backdrop for the simple message Stand Up For Educators.

Local Indivisible groups, NEA, VEA, AFT, and elected officials have been invited. Please join and encourage all you know who believe in Public Education. We will wear RED for ED. Make and bring posters with messages in support of Pubic Education. Sign up and encourage others.

An Evening With Rep. Elaine Luria – Tuesday, May 17, 7-8:30pm

Friends of WofA, along with Friends of Virginia Democracy Forward (VADF) and Indivisible Waterfront welcome Rep. Luria to a hybrid in-person/zoom event which will be held at a WofA member’s house in McLean/Arlington. Rep.  Luria, a Navy veteran, represents Virginia  CD-2, and serves on the January 6th Committee. Hear her insights on some of the most pressing issues of our times. She faces a very challenging re-election race this year, after redistricting, and is one of the most endangered Democrats in Congress.

Legislative Wrap Up & Scorecard Reveal Event with Pro-Choice Virginia

Monday, May 23, 2022 – Reception 6-6:30pm | Panel 6:30-8:00pm – Lubber Run Community Center in Arlington, VA

Join Pro-Choice Virginia as they close out a busy 2022 Virginia General Assembly session and recap legislative victories and challenges for reproductive freedom in the Commonwealth! Be the first to see their annual Legislative Scorecard, which scores every Senators’ and Delegates’ support or opposition to reproductive freedom based on their votes, words, and actions during the 2022 legislative session and 2021 electoral cycle.

Join to hear directly from a panel of key state lawmakers as they reflect on the 2022 General Assembly session, learn how they navigated policy to support reproductive rights while facing an anti-abortion executive branch and House of Delegates, and listen to their thoughts on the future of abortion access in Virginia. There will also be time for Q&A.

Proud Democrats

SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 2022, 4:00PM


Please join Congressman Gerry Connolly and Mary Trump — the former president’s niece who shocked the world with her New York Times bestselling book about how her “family created the world’s most dangerous man” — for an in-person celebration in support of Fairfax County School Board Member Karl Frisch. Our School Boards are under attack – now more than ever they need our support! Joining Mary in headlining the event will be Congressman GERRY CONNOLLY. Fairfax County Chairman JEFF McKAY, Virginia Delegate MARK KEAM, School Board Member LAURA JANE COHEN, and others will be on hand to offer remarks. SPACE IS LIMITED – especially for the VIP Meet & Greet – RSVP today.

 Tell the Securities Exchange Commission that you support this critical step towards an energy system that works for people and the planet. Virginia needs climate transparency! The Securities Exchange Commission is close to finalizing a set of rules that will require corporations like Dominion Energy to fully disclose their carbon footprint and climate risks — but they need to hear from YOU!

Demand Dominion Energy be Accountable in Response to the Climate Emergency. Dominion continues to build out new methane infrastructure and is getting involved in risky investments like bio-gas and blue hydrogen. Dominion shareholders are demanding immediate changes to Dominion’s response to the climate emergency. Learn more by reading these news stories:  “Dominion shareholders demand a different response to climate change,” “SEC allows Dominion shareholders to vote on stranded assets,” and memos in support of the resolutions Item 6 on Scope 3 GHG emissions and Item 7 on natural gas stranded assets.

Call to Action: VOTE NO on the Governor’s Amendment to HB1138

Please ask state senators and delegates to vote NO on the Governor’s amendment to HB1138, which essentially overturns Loudoun’s recent school board election. Members of School Boards are elected to serve the full duration of their designated terms. Instead, Governor Youngkin is arbitrarily calling for early elections of ALL school board seats for one Virginia school board this year. This is a blatant anti-democratic attempt to intimidate public servants by forcing them to run in an election before their seat’s scheduled election. This opens the door for any future majority and governor to undermine local control and elections in any or all parts of the state. Questions, contact Marianne Burke,

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