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The moment Roe v. Wade falls, protecting abortion rights will fall to state legislatures like Pennsylvania’s.

Anti-choice Republicans in the PA House have spent years passing bills to ban abortion and potentially criminalize miscarriages – only to face Democratic vetoes. 

And now, with the end of a Republican gerrymander, we have a chance to defeat anti-choice Republicans and flip the chamber.

DEFEND reproductive rights in a key swing state. Donate to 14 pro-choice women in the PA House and Turn PA Blue’s work electing them today.

Meet the women in the PA House we’re highlighting today:

Denise Maris (PA-HD76 Centre/Clinton) would be the first Latina in this seat. Her opponent, Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, was a lead sponsor of a 6-week abortion ban.

Lisa Borowski (PA-HD168 Delco) is a ward commission member running against State Rep. Chris Quinn, a Republican with a 0% rating from Planned Parenthood.

Hope Christman (PA-HD176 Monroe) is a social worker, and former union dockworker. Her opponent voted to force grieving parents who had just suffered a miscarriage to bury or cremate fetal remains.

Melissa Cerrato (PA-HD151 Montco) is running against one of PA’s most dangerous politicians; this needs to be the last term for shape-shifter/opportunist Todd Stephens. As former district director for Rep. Liz Hanbidge, Melissa has the training and experience to serve the new HD 151.

Cathy Spahr (PA-HD160 Chester/Delco) is a fierce advocate of women’s rights. She’s a mom of twins, transportation planner and environmental advocate running to flip a district that has trended in favor of Democrats.

STAND UP for 14 pro-choice women and help flip the PA House. Donate to their campaigns today.

Sara Agerton (PA-HD88 Cumberland) is a social work and healthcare administrator running against a Republican that tried to overturn the 2020 election.

Gwen Stoltz (PA-HD143 Bucks) is a mother of three, biochemist and scientific writer who has also taken on polluters as an inspector for the EPA. 

Chelsea Oliver (PA-HD4 Erie) will be the first woman ever elected to this seat. She’s running to expand broadband access, advance agritourism, and preserve green spaces in her rural district.

Dana Hamp-Gulick (PA-HD96 Lancaster) left an abusive husband, taking her daughter to a women’s shelter before a union grocery job and Pennsylvania’s social safety net helped her get back on her feet.

Tarah Probst (PA-HD189 Monroe) ran for PA Senate in a gerrymandered district in 2018, and has been elected three times as the first female Mayor of Stroudsburg. Now, she’s running to flip a newly drawn Biden +16 seat!

In this historic moment, fight back for our reproductive rights. Donate to 14 pro-choice women today.

Rochelle Culbreath (PA-HD54 Montgomery) has served as Norristown Borough Council, working to save a hospital from closing. 

Kristal Markle (PA-HD87 Cumberland) is a small business owner, women’s rights and victims advocate, and leadership consultant.

Meghan Rosenfeld (PA-HD139 Pike) is a former teacher, paralegal, and PA Victims Advocate running to flip a rural district.

Alexandra Wisser (PA-HD147 Montco) is an environmental attorney running in an open seat.

Fight back against anti-choice Republicans determined to ban abortion and control our bodies. Donate to 14 pro-choice women today.

Thanks for standing up.

– Turn PA Blue

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