What’s in the GOP 11 Point Plan for you?

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What’s in the GOP 11 Point Plan for you?

Republicans have released an 11 Point Plan that proposes to end Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare while raising taxes on the poor and elderly.

Help people understand what Republicans are planning if they get back in power. This infographic summarizes the 31 page GOP plan so it easy to understand and share. This blog also covers how to create such infographics for free and convert them into GIFs and videos. GOP plan proposes to:

  • Ending Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid within 5 years
  • Ending ACA and coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Forcing seniors, students and the working poor to pay taxes while cutting the IRS to stop it going after tax dodging billionaires
  • Denying women control over their bodies and ending most abortions
  • Blocking any gun safety regulations
  • Selling National Parks for mining, drilling and real estate development
  • Helping Putin by stopping support for the UN and cutting American armed forces by 25%
Share this infographic freely with this link

Say it with pictures

Icons are easy to understand at a glance. They work across education level, language and age barriers. We chose icons from the free Noun Project website for this infographic. You can re-use the icons we created freely here.

Create your infographic

We used Infogram, a free app from the makers of Prezi and led by the brilliant Jim Szfranski. The app is easy to use and it took about four hours to create the GOP 11 Point Plan infographic. It includes icons, videos and links. The infographic automatically adjusts to display well on a phone, tablet or laptop. The infographic is stored online but can also be downloaded and shared as a file.

Use QR Codes and GIFs

We used the free QR Code Generator app to convert the link to the infographic into a QR Code that people could scan. QR Codes can be easily shared on social media and instantly launch the infographic. A GIF of the infographic was created with the free ezGIF app. GIFs add animation to your message and can be shared freely on GIPHY to expand the reach of your message.

To illustrate the devastating impact of the Republican 11 Point Plan we created a consolidated GIF. This combines a GIF from IntoAction (a free catalog of progressive GIFs) with the QR Code to the infographic. The consolidated GIF adds a call to action to a GIF and can be shared as any other GIF. It is available from Giphy here.

Nothing tells a story like a video

We converted the Infographic into a GIF and then into a short 40 second video complete with music using the free iMovie app. Check out the video here.Share this video with this link

TakeAway: Make it easier for people to understand the GOP 11 Point plan and the importance of voting to protect Social Security, Medicare and the other things that Republicans would take away.


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