Statement: New Report Affirms PA Charter School Policies Among Nation’s Worst

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Statement: New Report Affirms PA Charter School Policies Among Nation’s Worst

By Marc Stier, Director, PA Budget & Policy Center; Susan Spicka, Executive Director, Education Voters of PA

The Network for Public Education, an important national education reform organization, reaffirms what we at the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center and Education Voters of PA have been saying: Pennsylvania’s charter school and privatization policies are among the worst in the nation. We hold neither charter schools nor publicly funded private schools accountable for providing a good education, and as a result, often they don’t. We do not ensure that public funds are not subject to waste, fraud, and abuse—and too often they are. We do not ensure that the supporters of school privatization efforts and charters schools are not using public funds to line their own pockets—and too often they do.

This report is one more reason for members of the General Assembly to support House Bill 272; a bi-partisan effort to increase fiscal and academic accountability for charter and cyber charter schools and to oppose further expansion of the EITC and OSTC programs until private schools are subject to greater accountability.

Learn more about the proposed charter school funding reforms in House Bill 272 and how these reforms would positively impact students and taxpayers in each school district in the Commonwealth.

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