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We are back this week for our biweekly Exclusive Capitol Insiders Call, April 7th, at 4:30 pm, where we will be joined by special guests from the ACLU to discuss ways to oppose HB 972, which would ban transgender girls and women from competing in school sports or athletics meant for “females, women, and girls”. All young people, transgender and cisgender, benefit from being involved in school activities, including sports. Athletics give trans youth a sense of belonging and inclusion. Research also consistently shows that participation in activities benefits students emotionally and academically.

The importance of this lies in protecting our children as they suffer from bigoted attacks by adults who perpetuate inaccurate and harmful beliefs about trans people. This bill is part of a larger, national wave of outrage politics meant to fuel a propaganda machine, one that has been allowed to run rampant for far too long. It’s time for Pennsylvanians to stand up and say we won’t let legislators attack our youth any longer!

We will be joined by Naiymah Sanchez, Trans Rights Organizer, and Marianne Stein, Legislative Associate, from the ACLU of Pennsylvania!

You do not want to miss this call!

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PA Budget and Policy Center, in partnership with We The People – PAThe 99% Pennsylvania and Why Courts Matter Pennsylvania will be holding quick 30 minute calls providing you with the most crucial information and updates every other Thursday afternoon on ZOOM. You’ll receive exclusive INSIDER updates from Harrisburg and Washington, learn about policy solutions to current challenges and take action to hold elected officials accountable.

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When: Every other Thursday

Time: 4:30-5 p.m.

Where: ZOOM (calls will be live-streamed on the PA Budget and Policy Center Facebook Page)

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The 99% Pennsylvania is a campaign of the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, focused on advancing federal policies that will benefit the overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians. Ali Feldman is the federal organizing associate for the campaign.

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