Call to Action for Flagstaff! Maui Timeshare, Anyone? and More

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Urgent Call To Sign for City Council Candidates

We might not have enough Flagstaff City Council candidates to fill a ballot. Our Democratic candidates need your signature 


 to guarantee more candidates make it to the ballot. 


All candidate signatures are due this Monday, April 4.


  (That’s why we’re saying, “urgent!!)

As of now, Austin Aslan is the only Democratic candidate that has a safe number of signatures to make it onto the ballot. There will be 4 open seats (3 full council term seats plus the remainder (2 years) of Becky Daggett’s seat). The other candidate with enough signatures to potentially make it on the ballot is Republican-disguised-as-Independent Lori Matthews.* 

We still have time to get more Democrats on the ballot: 2022 is the first year we can sign city council petitions online! This is the easiest year ever to sign your name to a candidate’s petition!

Here is the website:

All you need is your drivers’ license, or a combination of your voter ID and social security number to log on and sign. You must be a registered voter residing in Flagstaff city limits. 🏔

You can sign up for up to 3 candidates’ petitions for this election cycle, whether online or in person. (If you are not sure whether you have signed for too many already, sign again. Your earliest 3 signatures will count and the later ones won’t.)

Democrats who still need signatures are:

Matt Eckoff
Deborah Harris
LivA’ndrea Knoki
Sydney Shevat

*If you mistakenly signed for Lori Matthews before you knew the facts, we urge you to withdraw your signature using this form. You must file that form with the City Clerk at City Hall no later than Monday. Notary Service is available in our office from 10 am – 2 pm, on weekdays. 

Live Auction Announcement!

Our 22nd Annual Roosevelt-Kennedy Fundraiser has 4.5 more days to run. Today through Saturday are matching donor days, so any contribution you make is matched by one of our generous supporters. Our RK store is open for your purchases. Today, we are ready to announce an exciting live auction item that will be available for bidding at Sip Sip Hooray on Sunday:

7 Nights in a Studio Unit at Kahana Beach Resort, just north of Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
dates to be arranged with owners/donors Bill and Ellen Wade, who suggest Nov-Jan for Humpback Whale Viewing

The Kahana Beach Resort stands above a lovely golden sand beach, where the waves gently call. From your ocean-view lanai, you will have a perfect view each evening of the sun setting between Molokai and Lanai across the strait. Enjoy delicious island cuisine and explore the natural beauty and activities of the Valley Isle.The Live Auction will be Sunday afternoon at Sip Sip Hooray, where our keynote speakers are a team of strong women who are running for statewide office.  Reservations are still available, so secure your space now ($65)! 

Meanwhile, check out the videos from politicians and local activists, speaking about why they are Democrats and why it’s important to support your local County Democratic Party. 

Sign for Bill Pierce

Democrat Bill Pierce, who came close to winning this seat in 2018, is running for State Mine Inspector again this year. Bill Pierce needs your help to secure his place on the ballot!  Again, this one is available on E-qual.

For nearly 40 years, Bill Pierce has been an unrelenting advocate for workplace safety. He will bring his decades of experience and training to this vitally important role. Arizona needs Bill Pierce!

We Did It (for LD6)!

Coconino, Apache, and Navajo County Democratic Parties have come through in response to our recent call to action to sign petitions to nominate Democrats for the legislature in LD6. Thanks to everyone who picked up a clipboard or stood at a table in recent days. Our Coconino activists have contributed 700 signatures, busting through our original pledge to deliver 150 and assuring we’ll have Democrats representing our County in at least one of its legislative districts.

Tomorrow, two supporters in our sister counties will drive two 8-hour loops through tribal lands to pick up completed petitions from organizers and bring them to Flagstaff where we will combine them with our Coconino County petitions and send them by courier to Phoenix. Read about the heroic LD6 effort led by Navajo County Chair Missa Foy. (Our party’s contributions support the Coconino-based organizers whom you see mentioned in this article.)

This means three seats secured for Democrats in the next Legislative session.  Because LD6 is a heavily Democratic district, it’s all about getting these candidates on the ballot.

Below: Coconino volunteers gathering signatures in Buffalo Park on Saturday. (No pictures from those who withstood the wintry weather of the following days.)

Today’s Matching Donor

Today’s Matching Donors are Nancy & Tom Brehm  — thank you!  They will match every dollar we raise today, up to $750.

We have Donors willing to match your contributions every day through Saturday. See the full list here and decide whose pocket to pick. Or spread your contributions out over several days.

We Endorse Prop 438

At last Saturday’s Action Meeting, with nearly 70 in attendance, we endorsed Prop 438, which will fix the crisis in funding at Coconino Community College — if passed in the special election on May 17. Read more here.

County Elections Office Recruiting Election Workers

The County Elections Administration has reached out to us seeking Election Board Workers for the May 17 Election (and for this year’s primary and general elections later in the year). Democrats are needed urgently in the precincts listed below. Please read more here.
Precinct and Polling Location Name
Precinct 50 – Calvary Bible Church
Precinct 53 – Forest Lakes Homeowners Association bldg.
Precinct 58 –  Fredonia Fire Station
Precinct 80 – Pinewood Fire Station
Precinct 85 – Cromer Elementary School
Precinct 98 – Grand Canyon Railway Hotel (2)


It’s an election year, and that includes elections for Precinct Committee Members. To become an elected PC, please submit nomination paperwork to us by April 1. If you choose to run as a write-in candidate, you have until April 15. If you are a current PC, your term will expire on September 30 if you don’t do the paperwork NOW. 

Our regional captains are reaching out to recruit PCs. if you have not been contacted and want to be a PC, write to 

Learn more about being a PC.

Arizona Agenda

County Chair Ann Heitland recommends a Substack Newsletter called Arizona Agenda. And, its authors have offered Coconino Democrats a group discount on subscriptions. (Or, you can read for free for a while, but if everyone reads for free, good writing like this disappears.)

Calendar of Coconino County Democratic Party

Here’s How to Reach Your Executive Committee Members


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