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Let’s not repeat the mistakes made in Virginia in the 2021 election. We lost the Democratic/Progressive majority because organizing didn’t start early enough and organizers didn’t engage the voters on the issues they cared about. Instead, let’s make sure 2022 is a win for democracy by doing the important work early and consistently, all the way to Election Day.


WI elections are run at the municipal level, this makes the local elections on April 5th critical. This week, the US Supreme Court tossed out the state legislative map that was chosen by the conservative WI Supreme Court. This action will likely make what is perhaps the worst gerrymandered state legislative map even worse. Meanwhile, the State GOP continues its assault on the bipartisan WI Election Commission. 

  • Help motivate voters! The most effective action is to make calls. There are a number of important phone banks. Contact Ann at leanleftcvt@gmail.com for guidance or choose one of the WisDems phone banks here.  If you can’t call, texting helps. Sign up here

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Senate has delayed its vote on a voter suppression bill establishing strict new documentation requirements for many NH voters. This bill is likely to target college students. The vote was supposed to occur last week but has been pushed back giving us a little more time.

  • URGENT: Make calls with the VoPro Pros/NH Voter Protection Team this coming Monday (3/28) at 6 pm and Tuesday (3/29) at 1 pm and at 4 pm. We’ll be contacting NH voters to ask them to pressure their Senators to vote against this legislation. 
    Monday sign up here! Tuesday sign up here! NOTE: You’ll see other dates listed but this action is only for Tuesday, March 29.


In PA, elections are run by the county Board of Elections. They have a lot of discretion that affects how easy or hard it is to vote. In addition to high-profile voter protection efforts such as the voter assistance hotline and serving as or recruiting poll observers, it is critical to know what the BOEs are doing. Ann Smith of Lean Left is organizing a PADems voter protection project to learn what the BOEs are up to!  

  • To learn how you can help gather the critical information on BOEs and other voter protection efforts, email Ann at leanleftcvt@gmail.com

North Carolina

Early voting begins on April 28th for the May 17th primary, and we are calling Black voters in historically disenfranchised communities, providing information that will make voting easier. These phone banks are nonpartisan and designed to simply educate voters about their options.

Upcoming Special Events

What do new maps mean for North Carolina? Two experts share their knowledge about redistricting and its implications for NC Dems in 2022 at All In for NC’s Monthly Meeting. Blair Reeves, Executive Director of Carolina Forward, is an expert on the numbers and what they mean county to county. Rep. Vernetta Alston (Durham County) is a leader in recruiting candidates for the House Democratic Caucus. What do the new maps mean for Democrats in the state legislature? the U.S. House (spoiler alert: looking good!)? the State Supreme Court? the open Senate seat?
Monday, March 28th, 2:30-3:30 pm 
Sign up here.

Fund the Movement – March Beneficiary

Meet the Leaders of
Grassroots to Win in North Carolina

Wednesday, April 6, 7-8 pm
This month Lean Left is fundraising for and is one of the sponsors of an event for three grassroots groups in North Carolina: Siembra NCCarolina Federation, and County to County. When you donate to these groups, you will be invited to a special event that will feature the leaders of these organizations.

 You’ll hear why your donations are so important to engaging NC voters and turning them out to vote for local, state, and federal elections in November.

Or contribute through your Giving Circle!

Lean Left Vermont has raised more than $300,000 since 2017!

Click here to listen to County to County’s Kay Stratton on why our dollars are so important in NC.

Check out the North Carolina Briefing Sheet for more information about this battleground state.

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