TODAY: comment at Yolo County Board of Supervisors meeting

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NO to incarceration. NO to AB 1928

TODAY: tell the Yolo County Board of Supervisors NO to more incarceration

We’re asking our Yolo Supervisors NOT to support AB 1928 when they vote at today’s Board of Supervisors meeting. AB 1928 would take money from the Opioid Settlement Agreement. Instead of using the funds on proven treatments, it would be spent locking up people with substance use disorder. The coerced treatment in this bill is cruel and counterproductive. That’s the reason Gov. Newsom vetoed an earlier version of this bill, saying “evidence has shown coerced treatment hinders participants’ long-term recovery from their substance use disorder.”

Now the bill is back again, and as Yolo People Power pointed out: “This legislation currently is opposed by numerous mental health experts and advocates and has one sole supporter, the County of Yolo Board of Supervisors!” They issued their support despite the Health and Human Services Agency recommending against it since there was already an alternate solution “due to the recent implementation of the Crisis Now program, a 24/7 crisis & access line, mobile crisis team, and crisis receiving/sobering center.”

It’s ineffective. It’s expensive. It funnels money into the carceral state instead of into evidence based solutions. We’re telling our Yolo County Supervisors, DO NOT support of AB 1928.

Please make a public comment during the Board of Supervisors meeting, which starts Tuesday at 9:00 am. If you’d like to submit a comment by email rather than phone/zoom, put “For Public Comment” in the subject line and send your comment (250 words or less) to

Cynthia Rodriguez for Yolo County District Attorney:

Cynthia Rodriguez, Indivisible Yolo’s endorsed candidate for Yolo County District Attorney, already spoke out against AB 1542 (the previous version of AB 1928).

She argued that “coerced, incarcerated ‘treatment’ is no different from the failed, inhumane policy of criminalizing substance abuse disorder that currently exists” and that the bill would “steal Yolo’s scarce funds for mental health and substance abuse programs, which have a record of success in treating Yolo’s at-risk citizens“. You can read her article here:

If you’d like to check out Cynthia Rodriguez’s platform, events, and volunteer opportunities, you can find her website here.

Hearings for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson started Monday!

We’re thanking our Senators for their support of Judge Jackson and once again urging them to confirm her without delay.

Example scripts and contact numbers for this week’s actions are below.

A couple of short notes:

  • Activities are starting for many of our Indivisible Yolo committees! Sign up to #DoTheWork and fill out this quick interest form so we can connect with you!
  • Indivisible’s “Let’s Go Joe!” campaign is starting! You can register for Wednesday’s livestream about how Biden could use executive actions to deliver progressive results here.

Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson started on Monday, March 21st! Let’s tell our Senators to confirm her quickly.

Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Padilla: Confirm Judge Jackson!

Example call script:
Hi, my name is [name]. I’m a voter and a constituent of Senator [Feinstein/Padilla]. My zip code is [zip code].

I’m calling because I want Senator [Feinstein/Padilla] to know I support Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court. I was happy to see the Senator’s support of this historic nominee, and I urge the Senator to confirm her quickly. Thank you!

Yolo County Supervisors: DO NOT support AB stream of the Board of Supervisors meeting:, Meeting ID: 112 072 974or phone in via 1-408-638-0968 Meeting ID: 112 072 974email: put “For Public Comment” in the subject line and send your comment (250 words or less) to before the end of the meetingPlease make a public comment during the Board of Supervisors meeting, which starts Tuesday at 9:00 amor email if you can’t attend the meeting. Tell them not to support AB 1928, that coerced treatment does not work, and that you would like them to spend Yolo County’s money and the opioid settlement on proven treatments instead of on locking people up, which is both inhumane and ineffective.

The meeting agenda is hereIt’s item 41 on the agenda so it may take some time to get to that item!

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