Weekly Action Update — Someday when the world is much brighter

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In this time of darkness, it is hard to believe things will get better, but despair is a luxury we cannot afford. This is a moment in history when we must believe in ourselves, the work we do, and the values we hold. We must do this together.


Help protect the vote in Wisconsin by recruiting poll observers for the April 5th election! There are critical statewide judicial races and key local races. This is a general election, not a primary.

  • Recruit poll observers Tuesday evenings, 5-7 pm. Training is provided at every session. Sign up here!

North Carolina 

North Carolina’s primary is May 17, 2022. Sign up as a Voter Protection Hotline Volunteer and answer voters’ questions about mail-in ballots, early voting, and more. This will be great preparation for the November midterms!

  • NC Dems Voter Protection Hotline Training. Every Tuesday, 7-8 pm. Sign up here.


Voting by mail was key to Democratic victory in 2020.  Voters must sign up each year. Join Turn PA Blue for a virtual phone bank to talk with voters about voting by mail and electing Pennsylvania Democrats.  

New Hampshire

Volunteer efforts helped with big wins last Tuesday in Town Meetings. Towns voted down warrant articles eliminating voting machines and re-instating hand counting. And there was a huge increase in voter turnout — some towns even ran out of ballots. 

  • Keep up the momentum! Join Team Organize NH for a weekly virtual text bank! All training, instructions, and written materials will be provided. You just need yourself and a cellphone! Sign up here!

Learn more about New HampshirePennsylvaniaNorth Carolina, and Wisconsin

Upcoming Special Events

Join Lean Left’s New Hampshire Team for the Monthly Power Hour Lunch
March 24, 12-1 PM

This is an informal meeting to get to know our fellow activists, brainstorm effective ways we can use our skills and resources in the coming months, and find community in our shared goal of building power and strengthening our democracy. Each month, we’ll focus on one topic that we all want to learn more about, and we’ll share our own experiences and ideas around that topic. March’s topic is “How can we get encourage friends and neighbors to join us in this work?” Sign up here!

Fund the Movement

It’s easy to get discouraged by today’s news. From a bird’s eye view, we see democracies around the world under assault and wonder what will happen to our own democracy.

Let’s bring it down to the ground level and focus on one state only: North Carolina. What if we could actually help build democratic power in just one state?

This month we bring you three groups that are making long-term investments in North Carolina communities. Carolina Federation, County to County, and Siembra NC use bold and innovative approaches to voter engagement. They reach diverse communities, across race and socioeconomic status; they meet people “where they are” and build relationships that inspire them to commit to political action as a way to improve their lives. And when the time comes, they elect progressive leaders that will represent their values and interests.

Donate today and you’ll receive a ticket to Grassroots to Win in North Carolina, a special event featuring the leaders of these three inspiring organizations. The event is on April 6, 7-8 pm, and is co-sponsored by Lean Left and ten organizations around the country. You’ll receive more information the day before the event. Check out the North Carolina Briefing Sheet for more information about this battleground state.

Good Trouble Cafes + Giving Circles Add Up to a Stronger Movement

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