Coconino Democrats Day of Action — Saturday!

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Day of Action ~ Saturday!

Coconino Democratic Action Meeting ~ 10 am – Noon

Donuts are back! We’ll be live at the Murdoch Center with a packed agenda beginning at 10:00. Here is a Zoom option for those who want to stay remote. 

This meeting incorporates our quarterly business meeting, so we ask all Precinct Committee Members to make every effort to attend.


Times are approximate and subject to change
10:00 Call to Order and Announcements

10:07  Legislative Districts and Legislative Candidates

Kyle Nitschke — Senate Candidate for the New LD7 and Deydrek Scott — House Candidate for the New LD6
Information and Q&A:
New district lines, Clean Elections, E-Qual

10:30  Information about Redistricting of County Supervisor Districts 

10:35  Mission for Arizona – Update from Regional Director Katie Cottrell with intro of new organizer

10:38   City of Flagstaff Candidates Speeches

10:55   Coconino Community College Election Presentation

11:00   Roosevelt-Kennedy Fundraiser Information

11:15    Treasurer’s Report 

11:30     Chair Report on Operations and Initiatives, and PC Elections, including Q&A from audience

Signature Slam!

Return to the Murdoch Center in the afternoon- we’ve invited candidates from Governor to Constable and they all need your support to make a pro-democracy slate for 2022. Also, learn about the election that is happening in May – yes, May.   March 12 from 12:30 – 3 pm.


It’s an election year, and that includes elections for Precinct Committee Members. To become an elected PC, you need to submit nomination paperwork by April 4. If you are a current PC, your term will expire on September 30 if you don’t do the paperwork NOW. 

Our regional captains are reaching out to recruit PCs. if you have not been contacted and want to be a PC, write to 

Learn more about being a PC.

Sign Candidate Petitions 

You can sign nominating petitions for candidates from Governor to City Council online using the E-Qual system. Sign in using your driver’s license number to validate who you are and the system will present you with the candidates for whom you are eligible to sign. (No Driver’s License? Sign in with your voter id and social security number.)

Redistricting has thrown a kink into the online signature system for Congressional and Legislative races. As a result, most candidates appear in the system under their old district numbers — if you see the candidate name, you are eligible to sign that petition even if you are not in their new district. (Weird, but true.) However, the system will go offline for those Congressional and Legislative candidates only as soon as tonight and may not come back before the signature deadline. So, sign online now!  After the system goes down, you can sign paper petitions at our Signature Slam tomorrow and pick up paper petitions to circulate at our office or from the candidates. 

Plus, you can make $5 donations to Clean Election Candidates through the same system! 

Click the image or follow this link:

Eleanor Roosevelt Award

Nominations are due March 15!

Roosevelt-Kennedy Fundraiser

Read about our upcoming RK Fundraiser and buy tickets to Sip Sip Hooray!

We Are Doing a Lot — We Need Your Help!

Become a Monthly Donor!

Calendar of Coconino County Democratic Party

Here’s How to Reach Your Executive Committee Members


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We work to protect the American Worker, the American Dream and the Future of our Children. The Mission of the County Party is to elect Democrats to public office who embrace the values of the Democratic Party.

The Coconino County Democratic Party is one of the 15 county organizations of the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP). The ADP is an arm of the National Democratic Party. We are committed to the continuing growth of a strong grassroots organization that takes action in support of local, state, and national Democratic candidates and issues consistent with our Mission.

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