Together, We Win

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In 2018, two out of three Michigan voters joined together to make voting easier for everyone. Since then, we had record numbers of voters; even during the pandemic of 2020. Michiganders love voting and controlling their democracy.

But a small group of radical politicians, whose friend lost in 2020, are trying to make voting difficult again. It’s a desperate effort by a few radical politicians to rig the 2024 elections and make it harder for everyday people to vote. They wish to discard a core element of democracy.

We won’t let them break the democracy that we fought for in 2018 and every year since. We are joined together again this year to promote the vote in 2022 – to stand up for the right to vote – to let every voter vote – to let every vote count – and to defend democracy again. We know there are more of us together than there are all of them. And together, we win.

We will join together

If you missed Ian Haney López’ presentation Democracy Endgame? Not on our Watch, here is the link: The event was very popular – with 767 people registering and so many accolades that we had many requests for the video.
Prof. Haney López’ solution to save democracy is for us to join together. We will act on his insights. Liberal Leadership League is gathering like-minded people to share Michigan-based messaging tools, training, and actions that move Michiganders toward a future where everyone’s votes matter, political leaders represent all of us, and our most pressing issues are a priority.
We are convening an initial group on April 6th to exchange ideas and plan. Will you join us? There are many ways to spread the word and unite. Whether you and those around you want to work through us, through your local party or activist group, through social media channels, or simply reach out to neighbors and friends, let’s get started. Use this survey form to tell us your level of interest in joining with other like-minded organizations in an informal sharing of information related to messaging, training, and actions? Here’s the link:

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