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Sneak Peek: Roosevelt-Kennedy

The invitations go in the mail today, but we are giving you, our loyal newsletter readers, a sneak peek and a first chance at limited tickets for our in-person event.  This is our 22nd year of fundraising under the “Roosevelt-Kennedy” theme. For the first 19, we gathered for wonderful dinners (not referencing the food, rather, the company). The pandemic drove us to entirely virtual events, which serendipitously were huge successes. This year, we’re going hybrid: Two weeks of virtual fundraising and one afternoon at, yes, Serendipity.

Our in-person event on April 3 from 2-4 pm will be catered by Simply Delicious. The ticket price includes two drink tickets (we’ll have wine plus non-alcoholic). We’re lining up some fine candidate speakers. We’ll have live and silent auctions and comedy. Most of all, we’ll have a room full of Democrats eager to win in 2022. Buy tickets for Sip Sip Hooray. (Quantify limited.)

Preceding Sip Sip Hooray, we need your engagement in 14 days of virtual fundraising. The RK store will open on March 20, featuring amazing items donated to us that you and your friends will want to purchase. And every day from March 20 through April 2, supporters have stepped up to match online donations. See the list of our matching donors and read more about this year’s Roosevelt-Kennedy Fundraiser on our website.

New Hire!

We’re delighted to announce that we have hired Monique Fresquez as Operations Manager. Monique will join us full-time on March 20.  Monique is a Flagstaff native whose background will add a new dimension to our leadership. Please welcome her when you have the opportunity to meet her in the office or at one of our events. 

We want to thank our special hiring committee:  Darrell Boomgaarden, Vickey Finger, and Ann Heitland for their work. 

Thank you to our new donors who have stepped up to support the necessary expansion to our budget.  Please join them by becoming a monthly donor, or increasing your current monthly donation. 


It’s an election year, and that includes elections for Precinct Committee Members. To become an elected PC, you need to submit nomination paperwork by April 4. If you are a current PC, your term will expire on September 30 if you don’t do the paperwork NOW. 

Our regional captains are reaching out to recruit PCs. if you have not been contacted and want to be a PC, write to 

Learn more about being a PC.

Signature Slams!

Coconino Democrats turned out on February 19 to get our candidates on the ballot. Over 200 showed up to file through the halls of our office building, signing petitions for candidates and voter initiatives. It went so well that we will do it again.

Come to the Murdoch Center this time – we’ve invited candidates from Governor to Constable and they all need your support to make a pro-democracy slate for 2022.  March 12 from 12:30 – 3 pm.

Reaching Out to Youth

Our Youth Committee, under the leadership of Secretary Jack Cahill, held its first meeting of the year. in February – a planning session with ADP’s 15/30 organizer in attendance. Future meetings will be every other Sunday morning and are open to all Democrats who are 35 and under.

Separately, Mission for Arizona has formed a club on campus, led by Jack in his role as an organizer with MIssion for Arizona. The format is informal chat about politics with the goal of getting students revved up for the Midterm Election.

This week Chair Heitland, First Vice-Chair Sonderegger, and Secretary Cahill sat before a political science class of about 50 students to talk about party politics. In a class that was split 53% Democrats vs. 47% Republicans, the questions were friendly and went on for slightly more than an hour. Afterward, one student switched his voter registration and several signed initiative petitions that we brought along. We also picked up a few new volunteers and potentially some PCs. The professor said we fared better than the local Republican Party which had preceded us on Monday.

Tiny Book Recommendation

A short, easy read for Democrats was published last October. Democrats 101: A Primer for Us  It contains many things you know about the modern Democratic Party but forget to use when you’re talking about why people should vote for us. Your Chair, a slow reader, plowed through it in a little over 2 hours. Many of you can beat that. Well-worth the read.

Unfit and UnAmerican

Last Friday, State Senator Wendy Rogers spoke at the America First Political Action Conference in Florida, an event organized by well-known white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes, where she called for hanging her political opponents. Surrounding her appearance, she posted disgusting anti-Semitic and racist words and images on social media. The four county chairs in her legislative district joined with ADP in issuing a condemnation.

On Tuesday, the Arizona Senate watered down a censure resolution and passed it with only three dissenting votes (including Rogers’ own). Earlier, on Monday, Republicans tried damage control by issuing a statement in support of Ukraine (Rogers had been opposing Zelinsky in her social media posts). 

Yes, Democrats have a candidate!  Watch for an announcement in the coming hours.

Sign Candidate Petitions 

Redistricting has thrown a kink into the online signature system for Congressional and Legislative races that will be fixed as soon as the 15 counties complete their uploads of new precinct maps. However, the system will go offline for those candidates only as soon as one week from today and may not come back before the signature deadline. So, sign online now! After the system goes down, you can sign paper petitions at our Signature Slam on March 12. 

You can now and will continue to be able to sign local candidate petitions online through the Arizona Secretary of State just as you do for statewide candidates.

Plus, you can make $5 donations to Clean Election Candidates through the same system! 

 follow this link:

Eleanor Roosevelt Award

Nominations are due March 15!

Quarterly Business Meeting March 12

Save the Date: Officers report to the County Committee (that’s you PCs) on March 12. We’ll also have some guest speakers, including, potentially some statewide candidates who will be traveling for the afternoon Signature Slam.

Donuts are back! We’ll be live at the Murdoch Center beginning at 10:00. We’ll also have a video option for those who want to stay remote.

More Good News!

Voters Do Not Support Banning Books from School Curriculums

Calendar of Coconino County Democratic Party
Here’s How to Reach Your Executive Committee MembersPlatform

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