How to destroy evidence*

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How to destroy evidence

How to destroy evidence lampoons Trump eating, shredding and flushing confidential documents.

Republican hypocrisy lampooned.

How do you highlight Republican hypocrisy in ignoring Trump’s destruction of confidential documents, while complaining about Hillary’s email server. Use ridicule Saul Alinsky would advise.

This blog explains how this lampoon was created in a three hours using the free Infogram app, ten cartoons from Political Cartoons along with a QR Code created with this free QR Code Generator app.

Republican hypocrisy lampoon

Republican hypocrisy ignores Trump destroying confidential documents while complaining of Hillary's email server.
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Republican hypocrisy

MSNBCMorning Joe contributors blasted Republicans who went after Hillary Clinton for her emails who are now eerily silent following revelations that former President Donald Trump took classified documents with him to Mar-a-Lago and destroyed papers while he was in the White House. The National Archives and Records Administration has requested that the Department of Justice investigate if Mr Trump wrongly brought classified documents from the White House to his Florida residence in Palm Beach at the end of his presidency. Reports have indicated that Mr Trump may have violated the Presidential Records Act when he had the documents moved from the White House.” – MSNBC

Saul Alinsky – Rules For Radicals

“Saul Alinsky was an organizer, activist and writer. His books Reveille for Radicals (1946) and Rules for Radicals (1972) are important statements of community organizing. Alinsky’s ideas bear careful exploration and have a continuing relevance for informal educators and all those whose role involves trying to effect change in communities. They are particularly useful for those who have to engage with local or national power structures and workers who wish to engage alienated or disparate communities and seek common cause between them.” – InFed

Saul Alinsky recommends using ridicule to call out hypocrisy and bring about change.

Creating an infographic

  • Ten cartoons were licensed from Political Cartoons.
  • Apply for a free license to Political Cartoons for social justice and voting rights here.
  • These cartoons were uploaded into the free Infogram app and formatted to be easy to read.
  • Incorporate pictures, videos and GIFs in your infographic.
  • Change the content of your infographic at any time, as it is hosted online.
  • Readers can easily share content created with Infogram on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • QR Code in the infographic was created with the free QR Code Generator app.
Use infographics to make it easier for others to understand your message and share it with others.

Infographics with a purpose

TakeAway: Read ‘Rules for Radicals’ and use free apps like Infogram to creatively spread your message.


Republican silent about Trump destroying confidential documents.
Republicans complain about Hillary email server while ignoring Trump destroying, eating and flushing documents.
Trump destroys evidence
Trump shreds the constitution while Republicans are silent.
Trump eats the National Archives documents.
Trump rips and flushes confidential documents.
Trump tries to rewrite history with the help of FOX NWS - Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity
Trump divides the country and destroys confidential documents.

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