DACA Dreamers make great canvassers

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DACA Dreamers make great canvassers

DACA students make great canvassers

DACA students believe in the American dream. These Dreamers advocate for fair political representation – and they make great canvassers.

Elected officials should reflect the demographics of the people they represent – and not just their rich donors. Changing this demands that communities disproportionately impacted by the lack of public resources and investment build political power. That’s what make DACA students such powerful canvassers. They’re strong advocates for the American dream and fair representation for all who pay taxesNo taxes without representation.

  • The  Central Valley Workers Center  uses DACA students (‘Dreamers’) as canvassers to conduct surveys and help potential voters register to vote. This blog explains how they do it and why their smart organizing approach can work across the country.
DACA students make great canvassers
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DACA recipients pay taxes and make a huge contribution

“Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients are young people who have grown up as Americans, identify themselves as Americans. The DREAM Act would have provided a pathway to U.S. citizenship to certain undocumented youth who go to college and/or serve in the military while maintaining a good record.” –  ADL

  • Nearly 700,000 DACA recipients living across households in all 50 states contribute $5.7 billion in federal taxes as well as $3.1 billion in state and local taxes.
  • DACA recipients in California contribute the most, paying $2.1 billion in federal taxes and $1 billion in local and state taxes – NBC
  • Texas DACA-recipient households, which contribute $750.4 million in federal taxes and about $418 million in state and local taxes – NBC
  • 43,500 DACA recipients work in the health care and social assistance industries, including 10,300 in hospitals and 2,000 in nursing care facilities.” –  CMSNY

Central Valley Workers Center

The  Central Valley Workers Center promotes economic justice through worker organizing, community education, and engagement. It increases the capacity of labor and community organizations for quality job creation, ensure community health, promote shared prosperity, and increase justice for working people, including immigrant workers. It uses DACA students as canvassers for community outreach through:

  • Direct community engagement
  • Door-to-door outreach
  • Phone banking and text messages
  • Social media outreach
  • Vaccine clinics & community events

Learn moreSupport Central Valley Workers Center

Where DACA recipients live and pay taxes

DACA recipients pay taxes and make a huge contribution to the communities they live in.
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Republicans try to deny DREAMERS, over and over again

“Republicans oppose DACA, Dreamers and a path to citizenship so their billionaire donors can get cheap labor. Corporations make money in two ways. Charge more for products and pay workers a living wage. Or cut costs and exploit workers. Corporations and farmers exploit undocumented workers who have few rights as a cheap source of labor to increase their profits. If these workers had a path to citizenship, corporations would have to give them the minimum wage.” – DemLabs

TakeAway: Support Dreamers and use DACA students as canvassers.


Democrats fight for DACA and Dreamers.
Mitch McConnell tries to kill DACA and deny Dreamers their rights
Mitch Romney's family were originally immigrants. Now he tries to kill the DACA program.
Republicans try repeatedly to kill DACA.
Trump and Republicans try to kill DACA

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