Local elections — the bedrock of democracy!

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The failure of the Senate to pass a national voting rights bill was a blow to all of us. Now it’s up to all of us—We the People—to do everything we can to build a stronger democracy. And it starts with states.

At a basic level, the survival of American democracy rides on local elections from school board members to state lawmakers to governorships to judges. To make sure those elected represent the people who elected them, voters must be informed and have a safe voting environment.

There are important roles for everyone, whether it is staffing hotlines, using social media to counter the disinformation, listening to what is important to voters, or providing them with information about how to register to vote or where to vote.

Let’s get to work.

Lean Left canvassers in the 2018 midterms!
We hope to be knocking on doors again in 2022!

New Hampshire

Do you know what a town’s “supervisor of the checklist” does? This nonpartisan official approves every voter registration form and decides who is qualified.  With the right-wing infiltrating every nook and cranny of the NH government, it is critical we make sure that elections are fair and voters are protected. In March, New Hampshire citizens will elect their supervisors of the checklist at the Town Meeting as well as a slew of other important local officials like school board members.

  • The New Hampshire Dems Voter Protection team is recruiting voting hotline volunteers and poll observers to make sure these local elections are fair and honest. This will be an important training and testing ground for the midterm election in November. Training for the voter hotline is every Tuesday (6:00-7:00 pm) and Thursday (12:00-1:00 pm) throughout February. Sign up here for either the hotline or poll observing or both! The NH Dems will get in touch with more information and details. 
  • Build connections with voters in New Hampshire and join the Chris Pappas team’s deep-canvassing effort. You’ll engage citizens in real conversations about issues they care about. This is preparation for hitting the ground running and hopefully knocking on doors, in the next few months. Sign up here for training here. 

Join Lean Left’s New Hampshire State Team!
Contact Rebecca for more information.


The WisDems voter protection team Is offering workshops on specific voter protection issues on January 24, 25, and 26.  They also offer Voter Protection 101 on a regular basis.  View and sign up for the events on Mobilize. In addition to staff, seasoned volunteers will share their WI voter protection experience!


FIND OUT WHAT ISSUES ARE IMPORTANT TO PA VOTERS! The PA Dems are getting started earlier than ever to organize for the all-important 2022 midterms. They are reaching out to voters across the commonwealth to talk about issues that are important to them and build the volunteer base at the same time.  Join this supported phone bank any Wednesday or Thursday. SIGN UP

To join either the WI or PA teams,
please contact Ann Smith

North Carolina

What’s in play in NC in 2022? More than a million eligible voters of color did not vote in North Carolina in 2020; more than 650,000 Democrats didn’t vote in 2020, and voter suppression and gerrymandering threaten fair representation at all levels. Up for election are all General Assembly seats (controlled by Rs); two (D) State Supreme Court justice seats (the loss of one of those seats will result in R control of the court); 14 U.S. House seats; and a U.S. Senate seat, one of the Dems’ best chances to flip a seat and will be one of the most closely watched Senate races in the country.

  • Take one hour to learn about the political landscape in North Carolina. Sign up for Charge Into 2022!, hosted by our North Carolina partners, Wednesday, Jan 26, 7:30 pm

Join Lean Left’s North Carolina State Team!
Contact Dana for more information.

Fund the Movement

January Beneficiary
Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Citizen Action of Wisconsin has played a constant role in democracy issues, including nonpartisan voter engagement of underrepresented communities throughout Wisconsin and defending the right to vote. 

Or contribute through your Giving Circle!
Read more about our January beneficiary HERE.

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Frustrated and angry with the news about voter suppression?
Think about joining or starting a Good Trouble Cafe. 

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