Follow the dark money behind judges endangering public safety

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How can some judges be so concerned about the lives of the unborn, but care so little about the thousands of Americans dying every day from COVID? Follow the dark money that packs courts with conservative judges.

The Republican packed Supreme Court bans COVID vaccination mandates as over 860,000 Americans have died from COVID. The Court overturns decades of precedence and deny women their rights to abortions. What gives? Follow the dark money that pushed them onto the court and is now pushing voter suppression bills to grab even more power.

Dark money funds Judicial Crisis Network that pushes to get conservative Supreme Court justices.

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Follow the dark money

The Republican packed Supreme Court bans COVID vaccination mandates as over 860,000 Americans have died from COVID. The Court overturns decades of precedence and deny abortion rights. What gives? Follow the dark money that pushed them onto the court and is now pushing voter suppression bills to grab even more power.

Dark money at work

The three new justices of the Trump era have been accused of blatant disregard for the separation of church and state. But the fact that they arrived at such positions of power is perhaps less concerning than exactly how they did. As with so much in conservative politics, their ascension was facilitated by a byzantine web of right-wing dark money, operating with little to no accountability.   

Meet Neil and Ann Corkery, a pair of veteran Republican operatives who have cultivated a robust network of conservative and Catholic-affiliated nonprofits, charities and funds notable for their near-total opacity. For more than a decade, the Corkerys have leveraged this network to prop up conservative judicial nominees, most of whom have been devout Catholics. Robert Maguire, research director at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), told Salon that “while most Americans wouldn’t recognize their names,” the Corkerys “have been the overseers of massive amounts of money that have gone into federal judicial races.” 

“They have the discipline to not talk,” Maguire explained, acknowledging the dearth of reporting on the duo. “They don’t have social media accounts. They don’t give public speeches. They’ve done a really good job of limiting the amount of public information on them.” – Salon

Wellspring – JCN dark money ATM

“Wellspring’s delivery into the world came at the hands of Republican operative Ann Corkery while her husband Neil took the reigns of the more publicly visible JCN and an allied 501(c)(3) “charitable” nonprofit, Judicial Education Project. Like JCN, it’s sister “charity” has received considerable funding from Wellspring and other closely-tied dark money groups like DonorsTrust, a pass-through vessel managing the money flow from wealthy donors to conservative and libertarian groups — including other groups in Corkery’s network — while allowing the donors to remain anonymous that has earned it the reputation of being a Koch-linked “dark money ATM.” – Politifact

TakeAway: Follow the dark money to see how billionaires pack the courts to get the policies they want and suppress the votes of working Americans.


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