How I Survived the “War on Christmas”

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Phew! We survived another “War on Christmas.” I was worried there about those liberal Democrats’ plans to destroy the hopes and dreams of children everywhere had their mission been carried out. Despite Trump-appointed postmaster general Louis DeJoy’s continued attempts to slow down the mail, somehow a Merry Christmas card from my insurance broker managed to slip through. Then, my doorman (unaware of my being Jewish) offered this verbal greeting (along with fabulous homemade cookies) as I made my way to the laundry room on Christmas morning. It was a close call, but all my neighbors figured out how to appreciate his attempt to spread joy and fortunately the Democrats’ devilish agenda was thwarted once again. 

All kidding aside, the truth is that I do worry about what will happen next as we brace ourselves for the new year: the imminent midterm elections and the big one right around the corner in 2024. I worry that Democratic attempts to keep everyone safe and alive to vote will fail. I’ve spent sleepless nights wondering if friends and family across this nation will escape death from Covid and make it to their one polling place or find the single dropbox in their counties to cast a ballot.    

I also worry about history repeating itself once all of the so-called fraudulent ballots are cast. Will we be in for another January 6 attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power? Will Democrats have to fight once again to count every vote? Will Republicans erect another gallows in the public square to carry out a public hanging? I worry those “tourists” who stormed the Capitol, killing five including Officer Brian Sicknick and assaulting over 140 police officers in an attempt to save the nation might do so again. I wanted to ask Georgia Republican Rep. Andrew S. Clyde (R-Ga.) to weigh in as he was a witness to the events. Since Andy attempted to barricade himself on the House Chamber floor, I thought he could help us understand how we can prevent such atrocities from happening again. Sadly, my calls to him went unreturned.    

I now wonder what will happen if people are not held accountable for their actions. Could another such group of so-called tourists storm the Capitol wearing T-shirts bearing the slogan 6MWE (Six Million Wasn’t Enough) get away with murder? Back when I was a young girl in third grade, I learned how six million Jews were systematically murdered. Even as a child, I wondered how allegiance to one man could prompt tens of thousands of followers to carry out his deeds while keeping himself free from doing the dirty work himself. Clearly this madman had help, not only from ordinary citizens, but also from those in office who paved the way. If only those who believed in law and order could do something! 

Perhaps we can teach our children the truth to prevent more tragedy? Well, yes, such lessons could be taught! Just last week third graders were taught to reenact the Holocaust by digging graves for their fellow students. Tied to this history lesson, “the instructor allegedly made antisemitic comments during the reenactment. One parent said that when the children asked why the Germans did this, the staff member said it was “because the Jews ruined Christmas.” See? We’re back to that “War on Christmas” thing which keeps coming up.

As we limp into 2022, there’s of course one more thing to worry about: the economy. How do we return to some sort of normalcy? The GOP tax cuts for billionaires actually increased income inequality, but at least Jeff Bezos had the opportunity to head off into space in a rocket ship. Meanwhile, the rest of our citizens need to get back to work. But how? Covid has taken over 800,000 lives and continues to kill friends and family and impact our daily lives. It would be so much easier if we could all work together, but it’s almost impossible when folks like Tucker Carlson (estimated net worth $30 million) and Laura Ingraham ( $40 million) who are both vaccinated continue to spread disinformation about the virus, yet warn us to brace ourselves: we’re in for another toilet-paper shortage. And round and round we go as no one seems to be listening. I fear the “War on Christmas” may just lead to the war on democracy. 

Barbara Hobart is a television writer/producer and playwright. Find her on social media.

The Vivi Mask

She is also the inventor of The Vivi Mask: 4 layers of Washable Filtration.

Image: “the war on christmas” by cuttlefish is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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