Our New Year’s Resolution: Fight to Save Democracy!

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Indivisible SF

Happy New Year, Indivisibles. We’re resolved to continue supporting President Biden and House and Senate Democrats in their efforts to extend economic and social justice to all Americans. They’ve achieved a lot with slim majorities in Congress so far, and we will do our best to increase their seats in 2022. (Check our Events page regularly for opportunities to get out the vote.)

But the new year of hope is tainted by the anniversary of January 6, 2021, when Republicans orchestrated a coup attempt. They did not want to accept the will of eighty-one million voters (Democrats, Republicans, and independents) eager to escape the corruption and botched COVID response of Donald Trump. Trump and his advisers planned the coup even though his legal teams had lost more than fifty challenges to the election results by December 15, 2020. 

And they haven’t stopped there. Republican state legislatures have rushed on to demonstrate their contempt for voting rights, a pillar of our democracy, by enacting hundreds of bills to make voting more difficult and even empower themselves to subvert election results. We cannot allow ourselves to become numb to how bizarre and radical it is that the Republican Party now embraces extremists like Greene, Boebert, and Cawthorne who publicly fantasize about political violence.

Tell President Biden and our Senators: we need a filibuster carve-out for voting rights without delay. 

Join us at the January 6 Vigil for Democracy
After calling our elected officials, we have to support our demands for voting rights and democracy with action.

So this January 6, exactly one year after the Capitol riot that attacked the very roots of our democracy, Americans are coming together across race, place, party, and background, holding candlelight vigils to say: In America, the voters decide the outcome of elections.

RSVP to the January 6 Vigil for Democracy and join us on Thursday at 4:15 PM at Civic Center Plaza to stand up for democracy.

This event features an incredible speaker line-up: progressive messaging expert Anat Shenker-Osorio; Zen priest, spiritual teacher, and activist Rev. angel Kyodo williams; SF District 6 Supervisor Matt Haney; and Rev. Tom McAninley, the Community Minister at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists.

Come meet us at the northwest corner of Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco. After a welcome (handing out signs and candles), we will stand together to choose democracy and peacefully hold the line against those who would destroy it.

We will then peacefully march to and around the Department of Justice building, raising our voices in song and cheers. We will demand accountability for the political violence that is weakening democracy’s guardrails. For true accountability we need DOJ prosecutions of Trump and his white nationalist cronies who attempted to overthrow the legitimate results of the 2020 election.

We will then return to the Civic Center Plaza for a candlelight vigil and to hear from the speakers. We will raise our voices to demand that our public officials do what it takes to defend democracy, as they swore an oath to do. Our senators and president must immediately pass the laws that we need to protect equal enfranchisement in a representative society—and we need them to fix the filibuster to do it.

And finally, we will all commit together to take action, because We The People will not let ANYBODY subvert our democracy. Please join us to stand together in love and power, so that we can make the promise of democracy real for us all.

And let’s protect each other: please spread out and wear a mask! RSVP via Mobilize.

If you’re interested in participating in activities like drafting letters to our Members of Congress and developing our strategy for influencing them, the Indivisible SF Federal Working Group is where it happens. Join us at our next meeting on Thursday, January 13. Details on how to register below!

Vigil for Democracy: Thursday, January 6, 4:15–5:30 PM, Civic Center Plaza. Join members of Indivisible East Bay and Indivisible San Francisco to stand up for democracy and demand voting rights. We will be having a march and a rally from Civic Center Plaza to the Department of Justice building and back. RSVP via Mobilize.

DATE MOVED: ISF Federal Working Group meeting: Thursday, January 13, 7:30–9 PM.
Register here to join our regular Zoom meeting, where we work cooperatively to develop strategies to influence our Members of Congress and the Biden administration to support a progressive agenda. All are welcome to participate and contribute, even if you’ve never attended an ISF meeting before.

Fight Back Fridays: Friday, January 14, 5–6PM. Join us every Friday to demand that Senator Feinstein, other Democratic Senators, and President Biden do more to defend our democracy. We gather each week at 1 Post in SF (in front of Senator Feinstein’s office building, at one of the Montgomery Street BART exits). We’ll rally every Friday until voting rights legislation is passed. BONUS: We have signs for you! RSVP via EveryAction.

About this week’s photo
If you’ve seen our newsletter posts on Twitter and Facebook, you might have noticed that we include a photo or graphic with each issue.  Today’s image is promotional art for our January 6 pro-democracy rally this week.

Keep Fighting,

The Indivisible SF Team
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Since the January 2017, more than 4,000 San Franciscans have united as Indivisible SF to march in the Women's Marches, protest the Muslim Ban, meet regularly with our Members of Congress, and make thousands of phone calls to their offices to pressure them to do everything in their power to counter the policies and politics of Trumpism. There is much work in progress and many actions to come.

Members of Indivisible SF are defined by our action and find solidarity in our shared opposition to Trump and Trumpism. Each of us explicitly reserves our individual stances on specific issues for other forums as we believe resisting Trump is more important than any single issue. We adhere to a Code of Conduct that welcomes and respects everybody.

Members of Indivisible SF come from all kinds of backgrounds and political persuasions. Some of us are first-time activists and others have been at this for decades. We are citizens and non-citizens. Most importantly, we are all patriots that want the best for our country and are willing to work for it.

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