Actions for Indivisible Hawaii Members: Jan ’22

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ACTION: Livestream of Jan 6, Washington, DC Remembrance Program

Congress on Thursday will mark the one year since the attack on the U.S. Capitol, when a mob of Trump supporters sought to stop the counting of electoral votes and overturn the 2020 election results. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are scheduled to speak at the Capitol, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced several events, which will be live-streamed.

“These events are intended as an observance of reflection, remembrance and recommitment, in a spirit of unity, patriotism and prayerfulness,” she said in a letter to her Democratic colleagues. From Nancy Pelosi, “There will be a full program of events, including a discussion among historians about the narrative of that day; an opportunity for Members to share their experiences and reflections from that day; and a prayerful vigil in the evening. All events will be live-streamed, so that Members can watch and participate from their districts. As always, we will continue to work with the House Historian to establish and preserve our records in this regard.”

Click here for a schedule of planned DC events and how to access live streaming via CBSN
How to watch events at the Capitol marking one year since January 6 attack
You may have to click “Get the Free App” to watch streaming on CBS News.

ACTION: Spread and amplify the message

Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the horrific January 6th attack on our country, when MAGA militants stormed our nation’s Capitol in a deadly attempt to overturn the will of the people. We must seize the narrative to make clear that the dangers posed by the perpetrators and the politicians who enabled and excused them are still present and require immediate action.

Amplify the message.

Our message can be encapsulated into this simple tagline: 
Voters Decide, Republicans Lied

ACTION: Contact the President – “Protect our Right to Vote”

The White House comment line is open from 11am to 3pm EST on Wed (1/5) and Thursday (1/6). Let’s make sure the administration hears us loud and clear. It’s time for us to flood the comment line, because we need President Biden to act now to do everything in his power to protect our right to vote.

It might be a new year, but our democracy remains under the same threat, unless immediate and tangible action is taken. Extremist state legislatures are passing anti-voter laws across the country designed to put up barriers to voting, especially for communities of color. At the same time, these lawmakers are drawing partisan legislative maps to choose which voters they represent, instead of the other way around. That’s why we’re asking you to call President Biden now to urge him to do everything he can to pass crucial voting rights legislation currently facing Senate obstructionism.

President Biden himself has classified these attacks on our right to vote as “the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War” and he’s right. He also must use the full power of the Presidency to move beyond statements to tangible action. We need him to urge the Senate to find a path forward to passing the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, both would set federal standards for voting and ensure fair representation. Please call the White House and add your voice to our movement to protect our freedom to vote. Call 1-888-724-8746 to get connected to the White House!

When you reach a staff member, tell them your name and that you are a constituent. Then, demand that President Biden do everything in his power to help overcome the filibuster and pass the Freedom to Vote Act.

ACTION: Indivisible Hawaii, Blue Wave Program – “Democracy is on the 2022 Ballot”
We are currently working on our plans for Blue Wave activities for our members. In late January or early February, we will conduct a zoom meeting to kickoff our effort. We’ll send a notice as plans get finalized. 

Initially, we will focus of postcard writing for 6 key swing states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Nevada. 

Later we will offer opportunities to text and possibly phone bank. 

Stay tuned!


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Indivisible Hawaii brings the fight to save our democracy to nearly 400 of our friends and neighbors on Oahu plus members through the Indivisible Hawaii Statewide Network chapters on Kauai, Maui County and Hawaii Island.

Indivisible Hawaii is a pro-democracy citizen activist group whose mission is to protect and enhance the institutions of democracy in our Country and our State. We seek to resist Trumpism by engaging our elected officials at all levels of government and promote progressive and democratic values.

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