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Hi Indivisibles,

Manchin saying on Fox News that he’s a “no” on Build Back Better isn’t the news we hoped for heading into the winter break. But the national Indivisible team puts it into perspective:

You have probably heard some posturing from Senator Joe Manchin this weekend. Us too. 🙄 

He has many people wondering, “Is Build Back Better dead?” To put it simply, not at all. Senator Manchin is known for this sort of posturing, and this isn’t our first time dealing with pushback from him during bill negotiation processes. Still not sure? Just this afternoon, Politico reported that Manchin and President Biden met this week and agreed that negotiations will continue

So. This is messy, and we aren’t so much focused on Senator Manchin’s words, as we are on making sure this critical legislation passes.

Don’t let Senator Manchin be the grinch who stole your winter break!”

We don’t have call scripts this week- if you can, take the time to recharge. Pressure from activists is what’s kept the Build Back Better and voting rights bills in play so far. We will still be pushing for these in the new year, so please take some time and come back refreshed!

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