Follow the dark money funding ELECTION SABOTAGE

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Follow the dark money funding ELECTION SABOTAGE

Follow the dark money from billionaires funding election sabotage

Election sabotage isn’t cheap. Follow the dark money funding media outlets spreading disinformation and corporate politicians willing to sabotage elections for their billionaire donors.

The scheme includes spreading disinformation from billionaire owned media channels; passing voter suppression bills; getting judges appointed who will rule for them. Violence and threats against honest election officials and donations to corporate politicians willing to do whatever it takes to cling to office.

Follow the dark money

Follow the dark money funding election sabotage and voter suppression.
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Election Sabotage

“Over the past few months, the drive to allow partisan sabotage of the election process had a series of frightening public successes. The Arizona State Senate concluded its partisan review of the 2020 election in Maricopa County, a nakedly political bid to feed disinformation and conspiracy theories. The Georgia legislature passed a bill along party lines to remove the elected secretary of state — who stood up to requests to overturn the 2020 election results — as chair of the State Elections Board and replace him with a hand-picked chairperson. In Texas, the governor signed a law that targets local election officials and poll workers with new penalties, empowers partisan poll watchers, and cuts down on access to voting.” – Brennan Center

Follow the dark money behind voter suppression and election sabotage

Billionaire owned media channels spread disinformation

“Sinclair, based in suburban Baltimore, owns and controls more than 190 stations across the country. That makes it one of the nation’s largest players in local TV. White House adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner had boasted the month before President Trump’s inauguration about a deal the Trump campaign had struck with Sinclair.

FCC investigators found that 64 Sinclair stations aired such paid segments as news more than 1,400 times. It also shared the segments with 13 non-Sinclair stations, which aired them 280 times — all without disclosing that they were sponsored content, a kind of advertising. The outside stations had not been notified of the sponsorship, a further violation of federal regulations and law.” – NPR

The family behind Sinclair Broadcasting Group has gotten very rich building the media company… It has been in the news recently for the right-leaning “must-run” segments it makes its local stations air. Boris Epshteyn, Donald Trump’s former aide, hosts a regular segment that airs up to nine times a week.” – Forbes

TakeAway: Follow the dark money to stop election sabotage by billionaires willing to sacrifice democracy to get even richer.


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