BADASS Briefing – November 11, 2021

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Today, November 11th is Veteran’s Day. Let’s take a pause to honor those who are fighting or fought for our country. They sacrifice, so that we can have our freedoms and democracy. Thank you to all who serve.

Enjoy the Briefing today with info you can use, calls to action (without the canvassing) and the important Call for Constructive Change at the Friday Power Lunch.

Thank you to Postcards4VA for their hard work and for the following information:

“Below are the numbers from our 2021 postcard campaign. We wrote 320,431 postcards for 42 candidates. 
Out of the 42 candidates we supported, 12 of them won! 

Elizabeth Bennett Parker – Nadarius Clark – Kelly Fowler – Wendy Gooditis – Dan Helmer – Clinton Jenkins – Briana Sewell – Shelly Simonds – Suhas Subramanyam -Kathy Tran – Rodney Willett – Angelia Williams Graves
Our stretch candidates did very well! They made significant gains in votes for Delegate in many red areas where prior to 2017 there were not even Democratic candidates running. Let’s remind ourselves that the sowing of blue seeds takes time and we should applaud these gains since 2017 and not overlook the positive message they send.

  • Trudy Berry: No Dem candidate in 2017, 23% increase Dem turnout since 2019
  • Linwood Blizzard: 25% increase
  • Caitlin Coakley: 38% increase
  • Melanie Cornelisse: 8 years no Dem candidate – Melanie got 34% of the vote
  • Bridgette Craighead: 4% increase
  • Mark Downey: 35% increase
  • Michael Drewry: 16% increase
  • Kecia Evans: 63% increase
  • Jeffrey Feld: 37% increase
  • Scott Flax: 27% increase
  • Debra Gardner: 24% increase
  • Jasmine Gore: 13% increase
  • Bill Helsley: 12% increase
  • Annette Hyde: 33% increase
  • Jennifer Kitchen: 22% increase
  • Rachel Levy: 28% increase
  • Blakely Lockhart: 35% increase
  • Kim Melnyk: 21% increase
  • Ben Moses: 30% increase
  • Finale Norton: 10% increase
  • Sara Ratcliffe: 27% increase
  • Emily Scott: No Dem candidate in 2017, 17% increase since 2019
  • Paul Siker: 31% increase
  • Katie Sponsler: 43% increase
  • Ella Webster: 5% increase
  • Dustin Wimbish: 31% increase from 2019 

Call to Action: This fall we can stop the violence caused by the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Mountain Valley Pipeline emissions would equal 26 coal fired power plants and the project threatens 236 of our Virginia waterways. Right now, together, we can end MVP’s destruction of common water and our shared future.   

Reject MVP’s request for a new 401 Water Quality Certification from Virginia and stop this pipeline in its tracks by joining the Violation Vigil Project now. 

What is the Violation Vigil Project? 

 The Violation Vigil Project is a full coalition artivism campaign to give poignant, visual and aural representation to the hundreds of water violations caused by the MVP.  In typical and excessively complicated language, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality claims that there is “reasonable assurance” that Mountain Valley Pipeline will not harm our waterways “if” MVP complies with the permit.  

But Mountain Valley Pipeline has already committed hundreds of documented water violations. The evidence proves that there is NO “Reasonable Assurance”, NO Past “Compliance” and that there can be NO MVP. You and 300 others are needed NOW to give voice to every single MVP water violation, to receive your Violation Poster and begin to use it, and to come together in Richmond on December 11, 2021 starting at 1 pm for the Violation Vigil convergence event with ritual and song.  

Join the Violation Vigil Project here: 

Share the Violation Project event here: Guidance, further resources and news on 401 Resistance, including how to make a public comment, is here:   

Collaborators include: Appalachian Voices, ARTivism Virginia, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Earthfolk Collective, Friends of Buckingham, Food & Water Watch, Green New Deal Virginia, POWHR Coalition, Richmond Interfaith Climate Justice League, 7 Directions of Service, Sierra Club Virginia, Virginia Interfaith Power & Light, Virginia Organizing, & Wild Virginia.

The Artists4ERA project will depict diverse groups and communities, including LGBTQ+, Black women, women of color, indigenous peoples, and young people, so all Americans can see themselves in the movement for constitutional gender equality.
Follow Vote Equality US on Twitter and Facebook as they introduce these artists over the coming weeks

Add your name to urge Attorney General Merrick Garland to take the immediate action of directing his Office of Legal Counsel to withdraw the January 6, 2020 opinion memo from the Attorney General Barr Department of Justice.


Join ERA NC Alliance to send postcards and letters to Assistant Attorney General Christopher Schroeder. Mr. Schroeder has been appointed to lead the Office of Legal Counsel. This gives him the authority to direct his team to revoke the 2020 memo that prohibited the National Archivist from certifying and publishing the ERA, despite the amendment meeting constitutional requirements when Virginia became the 38th and final state needed to ratify on January 27, 2020.The Columbia Law School ERA Project have written a detailed letter outlining all the reasons this memo should be revoked.

Find that HERE.

Please take two minutes to write a postcard to urge Mr. Schroeder to rescind this memo.
Pass along this email to 5 friends and let’s get this done for North Carolina and the rest of the nation.

Assistant Attorney General Christopher Schroeder

U.S. Department of Justice950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20530-0001

Thursday, November 11 6:00 – 7:00 PM (ET)

Home and the Womb: A Conversation with reproductive rights advocates Latham Thomas, Gabriella Nelson, and Zoe Greggs on Black women and reproductive justice.

This talk will explore how the complex nexus of conditions that threaten the womb and how artists, doulas and reproductive justice advocates are rising to its defense.

This event is part of Center for Black Visual Culture (CBVC) year-long exploration on the theme of “Home, What does it look like now?” How can we reconsider home in the 21st century as we cross states and borders seeking comfort, safety and identity? Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, state sanctioned violence against black bodies CBVC will explore the significant ways black visual narratives respond to the cultural, dynamic political, social, economic as well intimate changes that force us to (re)interrogate previous conceptions of home.


Thursday, November 11, 20218:00pm ET

Road to the Mid-Terms – Looking Forward and Federal

Two special guests: legendary activist, Heather Booth and Rep. Jamie Raskin will help us navigate where we are in our Federal signature legislation (Build Back Better, Infrastructure and voting rights).

Register here.

Friday ,November 12

Real Talk 2021The Good, The Bad & The Calls for Constructive Change

This week’s Friday Power Lunch will look at what worked this election, what went fatally wrong, and where we begin making constructive change.

We will start the show with Delegate Marcus Simon (HD 53) talking about redistricting: What happened on the Redistricting Commission that caused the deadlock; The state of affairs now that redistricting is in the hands of the Virginia Supreme Court; and what is the process moving forward.

Then we’ll move on to a discussion of the 2021 election.

Atima Omara (Political Strategist, Feminist, Virginia DNC member and former president of the Young Democrats of America) will talk about what went right and wrong in the 2021 election and ways we can build a stronger party from the grassroots up.
Jennifer Kitchen (former candidate for delegate HD25) will share her thoughts on the implications of this year’s election and what it means moving forward for rural races.

Caitlin Coakley (former candidate for delegate HD65) will talk about how she outperformed in her district by engaging directly with voters with an authentic message.

We will end with Caitlin Bennett (Chair, Fredericksburg Democratic Committee) explaining how we can get constructively involved in the reorganization of the Democratic Party of Virginia.
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Be a BADASSSupport the Friday Power Lunch

Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with UCLA Native/Indigenous Scholars

Friday, November 12
 – Speaker: Desi Small-Rodriguez (Northern Cheyenne and Chicana); 2 pm – Assistant Professor in Sociology and American Indian Studies.

Friday, November 19 – Speaker: Kyle Mays (Black and Saginaw Chippewa); 2 pm – Assistant Professor in African American Studies and American Indian Studies and History.

Friday, December 3 – Speaker: Nanibaa Garrison (Diné); 2 pm – Associate Professor in the Institute for Society and Genetics, the Institute for Precision Health, and the Division of General Internal Medicine & Health Services Research.


November 15th 5:00pm ET Virtual Appoint Women Virginia

Have you ever wanted to join a local board or commission in your community?

Even though the election is over, counties and municipalities offer multiple ways for you to get involved.

Join the National Women’s Political Caucus in conversation with Secretary of the Commonwealth Kelly Thomasson about navigating the process.

Register HERE

November 15th Stream Bounty online:

 is a filmic testimony of the immeasurable resistance and survivance of Indigenous Peoples. The film is the cornerstone of a media ecosystem, which invites us all to face stories of the incalculable loss and trauma carried by Indigenous People for centuries.

Learn more and watch the trailer at:

November 17th, 9:30am Capital Hilton, Washington, DC Freedom to Vote Rally

Voting rights are being attacked all across our country, and our leaders need to do everything in their power to protect them. That’s why we’re marching to the White House!

Our Revolution, in coalition with the People for the American Way, Declaration for American Democracy, Black Lives Matter, Democracy Initiative, the Future Coalition and the League of Women Voters, is continuing the fight for the Freedom to Vote!

Click here to RSVP and be part of the movement to protect voting rights all across the US!

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