Stand Your Ground Bill Has Deadly Consequences

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Stand Your Ground bill has deadly consequences

Adil Dghoughi was killed in his car outside a house in Martindale, Texas. The case against the killer could be hindered by Texas’ “Stand Your Ground” law.

The American Bar Association (ABA) has descried Stand Your Ground a ‘low cost license to kill’.

How has the bill become legislation in so many states? What role does ALEC play? Follow the money.

Stand Your Ground Stand Your Ground bill has deadly consequences. The law also came up in the cases of Trayvon Martin and Ahmaud Arbery.

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Stand Your Ground background

“Stand your ground” laws are relatively new, with Florida enacting the nation’s first in 2005. The statutes apply a novel interpretation of the centuries-old “Castle Doctrine” — which holds that a person may use lethal force to protect their “castle,” or home — to public spaces. The spread of the laws has had deadly consequences. According to research summarized by the RAND Corporation, Florida saw a 32 percent increase in firearm homicides after “stand your ground” laws were enacted there.” The Trace

Stand Your Ground Stand Your Ground bill has deadly consequences. It came up in the cases of Trayvon Martin and Ahmaud Arbery.

Corporate hypocrisy

Corporate mission statements from groups funding ALEC.

Why character counts. ‘Do the right thing’
In fulfilling our mission to take a stand for all investors, to treat them fairly, and to give them the best chance for investment success, we know that words alone won’t cut it. Our clients rely on us to ensure our interests are aligned with theirs. That’s why every Vanguard crew member knows that we emphasize three core values: integrity, focus, and stewardship. – Vanguard

Adil’s death

“Othmane Dghoughi said one investigator referenced a “misunderstanding” but added that he doesn’t understand how self-defense might play a role in the case, pointing out that his brother was shot through a closed car window. The murder seems quite suspicious, and it seems that it’s another example of ‘stand your ground’ laws being used to kill another person of color,” Faizan Syed, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Dallas–Fort Worth, told BuzzFeed News. “He never got out of his car, he never went to the home, and he may have never rolled down his windows. If that’s the case, this individual came out and killed this young man.” BuzzFeed News

TakeAway: Follow the money to see how bad legislation is passed and the role that corporation play in funding it.


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