Freedom to Vote Act up for a vote Wednesday

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The Freedom to Vote Act goes up for a vote this Wednesday!
The Freedom to Vote Act targets voter suppression, gerrymandering, and money in politics. It includes popular reforms that make voting more accessible, like making Election Day a public holiday, requiring states to allow early voting and letting voters request mail-in ballots. It will come up for a vote this Wednesday- and though even Manchin supports this one, it will no doubt be filibustered by Republicans. Sen. Padilla has been a key negotiator to bring this bill forward, and you might expect that our other Senator would be fully on board… but Sen. Feinstein has been sadly silent and lacking in leadership. So we’re contacting her this week. We need her to call for an end to the filibuster and we need her to actually work to pass this bill.

TODAY: For Davis folks- re-imagining public safety
(Not from Davis? You can still contact your City Council and mention that you would like to see a Department of Public Safety, separate from and not controlled by the police department.)

For Davis people: Davis City Council is expected to vote tonight on a recommendation to create a new Department of Social Services and Housing. We had called for a full department of public safety, outside of the police department, and for a focus on social services. This department would be a first step in that direction: it is under the City Manager, not the police department, and of the 7 full time employees proposed, 4 have been moved out of the police department. However, there was no recommendation to move parking enforcement and traffic enforcement out of the PD. They claimed legal issues prevented them from moving traffic enforcement to the new department. However, they admitted parking enforcement could be moved- but the police department felt it wouldn’t be convenient (of course, this isn’t an acceptable answer). The Davis City Council is meeting this Tuesday, October 19th, at 6:30 pm. Davis folks, please contact the council anytime between 12pm and the time “item 8” is heard in the meeting, saying you support the creation of the new department of Social Services and Housing, and that the police department should not be in charge of parking or traffic enforcement.

Email: or send a voicemail for Public Comment: 530-757-5693 (2 minutes max); mention you are calling for Item 8.

Friday, October 22nd: March for Stolen Lives & Stolen Futures – Sacramento
As negotiations on what will be in the reconciliation bill continue, we’re so disappointed to see talk of cutting out climate action. On International Climate Strike Day (this Friday) you can join a march for climate justice in Sacramento- RSVP here.

Text: "A democracy that works for everyone" above a black and white line drawing of the buildings on the National Mall

The Freedom to Vote Act is expected to come up for a vote on Wednesday! So contact Sen. Feinstein and urge her to end the filibuster so that we can pass this bill to protect voting rights and fight voter suppression.

Tell Sen. Feinstein: Don’t let the filibuster kill the Freedom to Vote Act

Sample Call Script for Sen. Feinstein
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m a California voter from [CITY, zip code] and I’m a member of Indivisible Yolo.

I am calling today to ask Sen. Feinstein to vote to pass the Freedom to Vote act when it comes up this Wednesday. It’s time to protect voting rights and make voting more accessible, get big money out of politics, and ensure fair representation. Undoubtedly the Freedom to Vote Act will be filibustered by Republicans- but I need Sen. Feinstein to be a leader, keep fighting, and end the filibuster so we can pass this bill. Thank you.

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